Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress

Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress Reviews of [2021] Complete Buying Guide

No wonder, before coming to this page you had some ideas about this brand. Everyone does homework before purchasing a mattress. However, chances are, you are confused about whether you should go ahead with this model.

Well, today we discuss the Ashley chime hybrid mattress which is 12-inch long. People, in general, say hybrid mattresses are expensive. But today we are about to show you something which comes at an affordable price and is manufactured in the USA.

Overview of Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress

Before diving into deep about Ashley chime hybrid mattress, let’s learn some simple facts about this mattress. In a word, Ashley chimes 12-inch plush hybrid mattress is a luxurious cozy bed at an affordable price.

Since it’s a hybrid mattress, it has coil-based construction. They used power pocketed coils, and to emphasize edge support they used two rows of thicker coils. Above these coils, it has 3 layers of foam including one gel memory foam layer. This mattress is covered with a non-removable cover which is a fire retardant.

This hypoallergenic mattress uses Certi-Pur-us certified foam components. A common question from American mattress buyers, are Ashley mattresses made in the USA? Yes, this mattress is manufactured in the USA, stay worry-free. 

Coil based mattresses are relatively more durable. However, if you’re still concerned about durability, note that this mattress comes with a 10-years non-prorated warranty. To learn more about this firm mattress with a luxurious comfort feel, stick with the article.

At a glance, what this Ashley Chime hybrid mattress offers?

  • Cooler night experience, a combination of gel-infusion cooling technology, and breathability of coils.
  • Super soft foam at the top gives the ultimate luxurious soft surface.
  • A gel memory foam layer along with coils improves responsiveness.
  • Firmer support, good for back pain.
  • Reduced motion transfer 
  • Fire retardant cover.
  • Certipur-us certified hypoallergenic mattress

Ashley Chime 12-Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress

It’s time to go deeper, and we’ll go through four steps, for gathering crystal clear ideas about Ashley Chime’s 12-Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress. 

Step 1: Construction Analysis

Construction analysis of Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress
Construction analysis

The Surface Of The Mattress: Fiber Polyester Cover

To make a cozy surface, Ashly included fiber polyester. It would be a perfect surface for people who suffer from different types of allergies that might be triggered by the mattress. 

Fiber polyester-covered mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic since cover materials keep away dust mites, pollen, mold and pet dander, etc. from the mattress. 

This mattress is fire retardant, however, nobody found fiberglass regardless of being fire retardant. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals though, this mattress is certified. 

It doesn’t have a zipper, in fact, it doesn’t need to be cleaned i.e., maintenance-free. Beware of the spots from several liquids e.g., coffee. Do you have a habit of drinking on the bed? If yes, make sure you bookmark our article on how to clean a mattress with vinegar.

The Topmost Foam Layer: 1.5″ High-Density Super Soft Quilt Foam

For enhancing the curving nature of this hybrid mattress conforming to the body,  it features 1.5″ high density super soft quilt foam. 

Disclaimer alert, don’t confuse HD foam with firmness. Firmness depends on the manufacturers, if they want they can either make it firm or soft despite the foam being HD foam.

However, this HD foam layer ensures comfort and plushness. The relatively denser foam tends to be more durable, also more supportive.

Besides, this high-density foam layer is designed like an egg-crate foam to keep proper airflow inside the mattress.

The Comfort Layers: 0.75″ HD Gel Memory Foam & 1″ Upholstery Grade Foam

Two comfort layers are used to get the best and consistent support from the mattress.  Underneath the topmost layer, ¼’’ gel memory foam layer is used which provides substantial support to the back.

This gel memory foam layer also controls the temperature. Most importantly, it relieves pressure points.

On the other hand, under the gel memory foam layer, a 1-inch upholstery grade foam is included to maximize comfort and support.

The Support Layer: 9” Individually Wrapped Coils  

Let’s talk about the best part of this mattress. Ashley Chime 12-Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress includes two types of wrapped coils, regarding the thickness of the coils, in one mattress.

Encased coils sometimes fail to provide adequate edge support due to their conforming nature. Ashly Chime, however, prevented that issue by installing two perimeter rows of 9″ 13-gauge pocketed coils. 

For those who have never heard of a gauge for coils, the gauge is a scale that means how thick the coils are. Generally, it ranges between 12-15 gauge. 12 provides the firmest support and tends to be more durable than 15 gauge coils. 

In this mattress, two rows have 13 gauge coils for better edge support. Apart from these two rows, overall it has 15 gauge coils to provide firmer support. 

These combinations of coils increase the effectiveness of the conforming nature of this hybrid mattress. 680 individual pocketed coils, in a queen-sized mattress, offer maximum edge support and better contouring support.

Step 2: Health Issues

Allergic Reaction

According to WebMD, 20-50% of Americans encounter allergic reactions when pollen or other allergens, such as pet dander or dust, irritate and inflame the nasal passages, causing symptoms such as sneezing, and watery eyes. Who knows, your bed might be the home for those allergens.

If that scares you, the Ashly Chime hybrid mattress has got your back. This mattress is covered by Fiber Polyester which is by default hypoallergenic. Materials of the cover keep away dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander. Perfect for those who are prone to an allergic reaction from the mattress.

Sleeping Hot

Sleeping hot is one of the most concerning issues when purchasing a mattress. However, if you tend to sleep too hot, the good news for you, a hybrid mattress is your rescuer.

Generally, a coil-based mattress features proper airflow inside the mattress and is considered to be the best for hot sleepers. Unlike traditional memory foam, the encased coil system is more adept at dissipating heat i.e. hybrid mattress. 

To make this mattress more efficient in keeping you cool at night, Ashly chime has 0.75″ HD gel memory foam which draws heat away from sleepers. Hybrid mattresses are inherently breathable.

Pressure Point

When someone sleeps on either too soft or too hard mattresses, the body fails to distribute weight evenly. As a result, a sleeper feels pain on several pressure points e.g., a side sleeper feels pain on the shoulder.

To be more clear about it, let’s assume you are a back sleeper, and most likely you have encountered lower back pain. Now, if you had slept on a medium-firm mattress, the mattress would curve according to your hip and back by which you could prevent back pain.

Well, a mattress that provides effective curving nature conforming to the body, relieves pressure points. That said, this Ashly chime hybrid mattress, according to most customers, provides a firm yet comfortable surface. 

Especially, to tackle lower back pain, they installed HD gel memory for lumbar support. Besides, encased coils contour around the body effectively.


Many buyers have made the mistake of thinking of this mattress as a firm. Innerspring mattresses tend to be firmer than traditional memory foam mattresses. 680 individual power packed coils in a queen-sized mattress provides firm support for sure.

Yes, this mattress is firm, but how could someone overlook 1.5″ High-Density Super Soft Quilt Foam? This foam layer is to ensure the ultimate cozy feel. Note that, firmness of a particular mattress varies from person to person. Nevertheless, big guys, don’t worry, innerspring mattresses are naturally sturdy enough to support you. If you sleep with a partner, try 12 inches Ashley chime hybrid mattress king.

If you’re looking for the same mattress but firmer, feel free to check out Ashley Chime 10-Inch Medium-Firm Hybrid Mattress. Either way, you won’t sink nor will feel rock hard on this mattress. 


The odor is a common issue for any synthesized product. Since memory foam is a synthesized product, it is infamous for off-gassing. 

Hybrid mattresses may not be notorious regarding this issue yet, off-gas a little bit. No exception for this mattress either, however, once you leave it for a few days, the odor will dissipate from it. The manufacturer recommends leaving it 72 hours or more, depending on airflow and temperature.

Step 3: Other Factors


If you share your bed with your partner, you need to look at some factors in particular. Such as motion transfer, sleeping position, and weight difference. 

First of all, the traditional innerspring mattresses have a negative side regarding motion transfer. When a person moves around or tosses, the partner feels it due to the motion transfer. Worth mentioning that wrapped coils move downward specifically when they are being forced, meaning, motion doesn’t transfer like before.

This feature also helps to sleep without disturbance regardless of the huge weight differences between partners. Since this mattress doesn’t sag, you are not likely to roll over your partner, assuming you weigh less than your partner.

A bigger problem arises when your partner sleeps in a different position than you. Well, hybrid mattresses, unlike memory foam mattresses, feature improved responsiveness. Since this mattress is not too firm or too soft, the various sleeping positions should not be a problem.

Last but not least, couples find it amusing during night-time activities because of its improved responsiveness. 


This mattress has a fire retardant non-removable cover and Ashley Chime claimed it’s maintenance-free. 

This cover is hypoallergenic i.e., keeps the mattress free from dust, mites, and molds, etc. Nonetheless, beware of pet wastage and other liquids, for instance, coffee. 

 A quick tip: If your personality or your partners’ personality is Monica Geller type, feel free to buy a protector so that you can wash. Make sure that your protector is breathable. 

Edge Support

Like the temperature control system, a hybrid mattress has better edge-to-edge support than a memory foam mattress.

Ashley chime 12-inch hybrid mattress has one of the best edge support. To enhance the edge support, Ashley furniture installed 2 perimeter rows of 9″ 13-gauge wrapped coils. These rows are relatively more sturdy than the whole mattress. 

Product Size And Installation

Like most mattresses on the market, this Ashley chime mattress comes in a box. A fully expanded queen size mattress measures 60″ W x 79.5″ D x 12″ H. And, Shipping weight of this product is 94.999 pounds.

It is quite easy to install. Once it arrives at your doorstep, unbox it, and grab scissors. Cut the plastic wrapping and unroll the mattress in a particular space. Well, it’s not harmful to start using immediately, however, it may take more than 72 hours to fully expand due to humidity, room temperature, and ventilation system. 

It’s better to leave it for a few days. New products have a bad smell which needs to be dissipated. 

Warranty and Return Policy

Purchasing a mattress means investing a large amount of money. Well, it must be flawless. So, if there’s any manufacturer’s defect, contact them within three working days, they will either repair or replace it.

According to their website, they don’t provide specific sleep trial nights for free. Nevertheless, to let you stay worry-free, they provide a 10-year non-prorated warranty. 

Step 4: Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons of Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress
Pros & Cons of Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress


  • Gel-infused memory foam as an extra cooling system, hybrid mattresses are by default breathable. 
  • Firmer support, good for back pain.
  • No sagging issue, heavyweight (400+lbs) people find it wonderful.
  • Special HD gel memory foam layer for lumbar support.
  • Reduced motion transfer since individually wrapped coils goes downward alone when forced.
  • Enhanced durability, hybrid mattresses in general last longer than other mattresses.
  • Coil constructions don’t feature slow-sink like memory foam, hence, improved responsiveness.
  • 1.5’’ inches of super-soft foam offers a luxurious comfort feel 
  • Hypoallergenic mattress, keeps away mites, molds, and other allergens. 
  • Fire retardant cover.
  • Certipur-us certified mattress


  • Since it is constructed with coils, it is noise potential.
  • Hybrid mattresses come at a relatively higher price 
  • No free sleep trials opportunity.
  • Non-removable cover.

How Do You Sleep?

Sleeping positions vary from person to person, although the Side Sleeping position is considered the most popular so far. However, your sleeping position will have negative effects on your body unless it matches your mattress’s firmness.

So, how do you sleep? Which sleep position works better with Ashley Chime 12-Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress? 

Side Sleeper

Since side sleepers are the majority, chances are, you’re also a side sleeper. A side sleeper needs a medium-firm mattress that conforms to the body, also relieves pressure points. 

This hybrid mattress has 1.5” super-soft foam at the top which gives cushion support although 9” 680 individual power-packed wrapped coils provide firmer support. That said, if you’re a lightweight person, under 140lbs, I’m afraid you are prone to find this mattress pretty firm. Note that firmness depends on body weight.

Back Sleeper

This would be a great choice for back sleepers. You already know this mattress is firmer. It has 680 individually wrapped coils for lumbar support. And to maximize the lumbar support they included HD gel memory foam underneath the super soft foam layer. 

According to experts, up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. What if you’re one of them and your mattress maximizes this problem? Well, at least this mattress will help since many customers have reported being relieved from back pain after buying this mattress.

Combo Sleeper

Most of the combo sleepers’ first choice is a hybrid mattress, no doubt. Combo sleepers tend to turn and toss around frequently. If a mattress doesn’t respond instantaneously, for example, a memory foam mattress, the surface of the bed becomes uncomfortable.

That’s when the hybrid mattress walks in. Hybrid mattresses offer improved responsiveness meaning whenever you move, the bed conforms to the body. On the plus side, this Ashly chime hybrid mattress is firm yet quite cozy, hence, you get the same level of support whether you sleep on your back or side.

Stomach Sleeper

Make no mistake, regardless of its name being a plush mattress, it is not. Here, by plush, they mean soft surface, but ultimately it’s a firm mattress.

Therefore, lightweight stomach sleepers find it too firm for them. However, if you weigh more than an average person, let’s say you weigh 230lbs plus, you’ll feel comfortable.

What should You consider before purchasing this mattress?

Key Considerations before purchasing ashley chime hybrid mattress
Key Considerations before purchasing Ashley chime hybrid mattress
  • The first thing you should take into consideration is its firmness. Many buyers already have made mistakes in this term and are now complaining. Despite it being called a plush mattress, it is a firm mattress with a comfortable soft surface. However, it isn’t rock hard either. 
  • This mattress is sound potential. Throughout hard usage, eventually, it may make squeaky noises due to the spring construction.
  • It is covered with a non-removable cover. Note that you cannot clean the cover with a machine.
  • The more you weigh, the more comfortable it will be. Remember, it’s a hybrid mattress, big guys, it won’t sag.

Target Group

If the following words sound like you then it’s for you.

  • You want to experience a luxurious feeling for under $500.
  • You are a combo sleeper.
  • You feel hot at night or you sweat on memory foam mattresses.
  • You are a big guy
  • You need better edge support.
  • You want to enjoy your nighttime activities in a bouncy environment.
  • You sleep with a partner who sleeps in a different position than you.

Why Is Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress A Good Choice?

Are you looking for hotel-like comfort on a firm hybrid mattress under USD 500? Ashley chime hybrid mattress is for you, why don’t you try it today?    

On the plus side, couples can leverage the best out of this mattress. Although its performance on motion transfer is relatively lower than memory foam mattresses, it provides other benefits to couples such as bouncy feel, sleeping position compromise, and weight distribution.


Which Frame Is Suitable For This Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress?

Happy to say, this mattress suits all sorts of frames and boxes.

What Are The Dimensions of Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress?

Item dimensions (length x width x height): 79.75 inches x 60. inches x 12. inches
Package dimensions (length x width x height): 64 inches x 15 inches x 14 inches

How long does it take for Ashley Chime mattress to expand?

Typically it fully expands within 48 hours, however, it may take 72 hours or more depending on the room temperature, humidity, and ventilation system. It is recommended to leave it at least for 72 hours, by this time, the chemical odor will go away.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to make a decision, but is it suitable? Well, I guess yes. I mean you don’t usually see a hybrid mattress like this comes at this price.

After all, if this article whispers to you “that’s what you’re looking for”, I can assure you- you won’t regret buying this model of Ashley chime hybrid mattress. Let us know how you ended your mattress buying journey.  

Happy Sleeping!

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