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5 Best Air Mattress for Car Camping That You Can Buy In 2021

Whether it is a summer holiday or winter vacation I am passionate to explore nature by camping or hiking. For my camp activities, I always prefer car camping cause it seems a little bit risky to spend the whole night in a tent. Do you agree with me? No more worries.

You can turn the back seat of your car into a comfortable and luxurious bed with an air mattress. These mattresses are lightweight and foldable. It can give you a hassle-free sleep experience for both  camping and long travel.

Are you interested enough for enjoying the camp experience or long travel with an air bed? Okay, then let’s find out the best air mattress for car camping.

Top 5 Picks for Best Air Mattress for Car Camping

Name  Best Feature Check Latest Price
Hairtal All sleeping accessories in one bag to start your journey/ All in one pack Check Price
Qomotop Self-Inflating & puncture-proof Check Price
Lightspeed  Patheleated & PVC free material  Check Price
Sleepingo Budget friendly Check Price
Berocia Versatile use Check Price


HAITRAL Air Mattress


  • All sleeping accessories in a bag (Inflatable mattress and pillow, air pump with three different nozzles, repair patch kits and a handy carry bag)
  • Compactable and three different colour variation
  • All sleeping accessories in a bag (Inflatable mattress and pillow, air pump with three different nozzles, repair patch kits and a handy carry bag)
  • Compactable and three different colour variation

If you are an SUV user and looking for an adjustable camping mattress for your medium-size SUV then this particular mattress can be a great option for you. Its remarkable design will definitely satisfy you. 

Moreover, it is very easy to set up with other vehicles like Saloon cars, MPV, Hatchbacks, etc. It comes with an air pump that has three different size nozzles to inflate and deflate easily.

Why is it the best choice? While you are choosing the Hairtal air mattress for car camping, you will get all in one complete sleeping accessories package.You don’t have to face trouble for collecting the most important patch kits and air pump individually. 

Two pillows have also come with this mattress. Maybe these pillows are not the best pillow. But for camping or traveling, these pillows are too handy to carry and store. You can easily inflate them by the smaller nozzle of the air pump. This all in one bag will make it easy to start your journey instantly.

The smooth folk top layer makes a soft and cozier sleep space. Overall the mattress is very convenient for adults, children, and also for pets to get perfect cushioning during sleep. And also the material is pretty durable to hold the air overnight. 30 days money-back guarantee privilege will help you to purchase this mattress confidently.




  • Thick and soft
  • Self-inflating
  • Perfect for a single person
  • Skin and eco-friendly material
  • Dual uses bag
  • 3-years warranty

Now you can enjoy car camping without compromising the comfort feel of your sleep. The Qomotop self-inflating mattress can offer you a cool night’s sleep with zero disturbance. This mattress fits with multiple applications and is able to give you a foam mattress feel. 

3D wavy surface, Tricot fabric on top, and 4 inch PU foam combination make it super comfortable and able to fit with your body curve perfectly. 

This mattress may be the best air mattress for car camping where the comfort feeling will help you forget that you are not sleeping in your home.

Why is it unique?  It is a 3D self-inflating mattress. There is no hassle for inflating it and carrying an extra air pump with you. The mattress can easily blow up by itself after putting it in free space. 

Surprisingly the dual uses carry bag will help you to get the maximum thickness with the inflation of air. This feature is quite impressive. Isn’t it?

Many people ignore the air mattress because it often gets spilled or perforated. If you are also confused  then we can assure that you don’t face this trouble for a Qomotop mattress. The fabric and foam made top layer can prevent the puncturing problem. No need to bother carrying a patch kit. Definitely it is the best eye-catching feature compared with other air mattresses. Along with these outstanding features, you will get a 3-years warranty for this mattress.


Lightspeed Outdoors Mattress


  • No more terrible smell
  • Fits a couple nicely
  • Durability is good enough
  • Adjustable firmness privilege

Most people have a common objection to air mattresses that they are offended with the strong smell of PVC materials. Are you one of them? If the answer is yes, then this Phthalate and PVC-Free air bed mattress can be a great choice for you. 

Here you don’t have to compromise with the quality and comfort. Without using foam toppers, it seems pretty comfortable to sleep. If needed you can use a gel or foam topper to get your desired comfort.

This mattress also works great for durability. It is more temperature stable, abrasion-resistant, and more durable than regular PVC air beds. Two regular-sized adults can easily enjoy their sleep on the mattress. Moreover, the independent connectors between the top and bottom layers, help to distribute weights evenly and minimize bouncing and movement disturbances between partners.

It becomes too stiff when it inflates fully. Firm lovers will really love it. In contrast, you can adjust the firmness, if it feels too firm for you. With the help of a two-way Boston valve and patented stabilizer system, you can let the air out and make it softer.

It comes with a battery-operated pump and an oversized storage bag. But batteries are not included. Additionally, there are four different colors, and price variation is available for this mattress.


Sleepingo Air Mat 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to blow up
  • Adjustable for any type of car
  • Waterproof

It is natural that all of us have a common tendency to collect the best thing with a limited budget. In that case, Sleepingo camping mat can be a win-win option for you. This mat will provide you the right cushioning and right comfort which need to keep you isolated from hard surfaces.

The only problem here is that the mattress is long enough but not so wide. It can’t fit a couple nicely. But a single person can enjoy his sleep adequately.

You need to carry a lot of things for camping.  If your mattress is light and compact it will be definitely helpful. The size and weight of the Sleeplingo mat will never disappoint you. 

It looks like a thin water bottle when it is packed. You can carry it in your backpack without any hassle. Moreover, it is easy to inflate and deflate within a short time. Two-way bulbs make the process much faster.

Why it stands out? The mattress is reasonable in price, easy to carry, compatible for different sized car, and quite long enough to sleep easily on it. All these qualities are enough to introduce Sleepingo mat as the best camping sleeping pad.


Berocia SUV Air Mattress


  • 6P environment-friendly material
  • CE RoHs certificated
  • Both the car charger and US AC charger included
  • Three separate air chamber
  • Fit  nicely with SUVs and various car

Here we are going to introduce an outstanding air mattress that can be used for multi-purposes. This mattress is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use as it comes with a handy air pump including a car and home adapter.

You can use the mattress for car camping and also for your guest room bed. The pump is nice enough and easy to use to inflate and deflate. Always use the smaller nozzle for deflating. When you use the medium or bigger one, air tends to rush before you plugin.

Fine flocking surface, thicken design especially the ergonomic wave design is very supportive and breathable to put the right Cushing. You have no need to worry about waking up with bad back pain.

It can also be a perfect mattress for SUV users. Three separate air chambers make it easy to fit with different cars and keep the air for a long time. In addition, the mattress is trustworthy for its material as it is made from 6p environment-friendly material and CE RoHs certified.


Best Air Mattress for Car Camping Buying Guide

best air mattress for car camping buying guide

The following guide will help you to get a clear idea about car camping beds. Here all the necessary points are discussed with in-detail information. Let’s see one by one-


No matter if a mattress has a lot of cool features like made from high-quality materials, reasonable price, designed attractively, much more durable, etc, etc  it can’t give you enough satisfaction unless it suits the car and body size. For making your car camping experience fruitful, the first and foremost condition is, choosing the right size of a mattress which is compatible with your own car.

Nowadays there is a huge variation in the car model. It is not possible to suggest a specific mattress for a particular car model. Make sure your mattress fits your car horizontally and vertically in the right way.

  • Single Traveler: If you are comfortable traveling alone and your car is small in size like saloon or hatchback, your mattress does not need to be too wide. In that case, you can choose Sleepingo mat or Qomotop mat. These will be comfortable and well compatible with your car.
  • Couple Traveler: In this case, you have to consider your mattress is capable of bearing the weight of two or more persons. The mattress needs to be wide enough and compatible with your car.
  • Family Traveler: It’s common sense that if you travel with your family your car must be large in size. Most people are comfortable with long car-like SUV, 4Runner, minibusses, etc. In your family car, you will get enough space to customize your mattress. Try to choose a wide and durable mattress for getting a satisfactory result.
  • Car Model Variation: If your car is big in size, you will get enough space to select a wide air mattress to turn your car back seat into a cozy and luxurious bed. Air mattresses are also available for small size cars. But it is really hard to give a clear cut recommendation for all car models. SUV,4Runner, CUV, etc are mostly used for long trips. There are available mattresses that adjust properly with these cars. Before purchasing, always measure your car space and select your mattress according to that measure.

If you have any query about the right mattress for your car model, comment below including your car model name. We will try our best to find the suitable mattress for you.


If you often join a camping or long trips, the sustainability consideration for your mattress is very important. Since you will use the mattress frequently, its quality and durability should be good enough. Durable PVC construction helps to get a puncture-proof camping air mattress. Try to choose the most durable air mattress for camping, it will provide you with a long time service.

Another common problem for air mattresses is getting pierced or making a hole in the surface. Fixing air holes or repairing air mattresses is a huge hassle for travelers. It is very important to choose a puncture proof camping air mattress to enjoy the camp without any hassle.

Motion Transfer

Tossing and turning can create big trouble during sleep. It occurs often when you and your partner have different weights. Motion isolation is very important here to provide a sound sleep arrangement. Nowadays various manufacturers put a strong focus on it.

Some mattresses have a level of separation thus you can inflate your mattress according to personal weight preferences. It will help both of you to sleep comfortably at a time. You can also adjust your firmness according to your firmness choices.


It is very important to make sure that the mattress is made from quality material to enjoy comfortable camping. Generally, maximum air mattresses are made from Pathelated and PVC material. As these beds are made from plastic and rubber materials,  it seems a little bit smelly. Keeping it in fresh air for a few hours, the smell becomes intense. You can use a mattress topper as well.

If these things do not work for you, you can try Pathelated and PVC material free air mattresses. In this article, we reviewed the  Lightspeed outdoors mattress which is a Pathelated and PVC material free air mattress.


Budget is the most crucial part for any kind of purchase. Most of the people are not interested in spending much money on buying their occasional camping mattresses. Luckily air mattresses are comparatively much more reasonable in price compensation.

You can easily collect the best air mattress for car camping within a limited budget. Mostly mattress quality and features vary with its price. If you are an occasional traveler, it is not wise to spend too much money purchasing your casual camping mattress.

Comparing with other mattresses, it can be said that the  Sleeingo mat is a budget-friendly mattress for car camping.

Temperature Adaptation

For those people who are passionate about travelling and camping, there is no time limitation for them. Passionate travellers won’t want to miss any chance to explore nature, whatever it is summer or winter season. If you are one of those people, you should collect a mattress that can adapt to various weather conditions. Thus you can comfortably enjoy camping in the summer vacation and go hiking in the chilly winter season with your mattress. For getting this particular privilege Lightspeed and Qumotop mat can be good options for you.

Back Pain Relief

During travelling or camping time maximum travellers suffer back pain problems, as they can’t get the proper support and comfort from their sleeping mattresses. Sometimes back pain becomes a big obstacle to enjoy the camp experience. That’s why it is very important to find out the best camping mattress for bad back pain relief. Back pain generally occurs due to a lack of proper firmness and support. Firmness choice varies from person to person. Nowadays various air mattresses firmness can easily be customized by inflating the mattress according to his or her choice by inflating necessary air.

Couple Consideration

Let’s put the focus on couple travelers. First, make sure your mattress is wide enough so you and the partner can sleep on it easily. Then look precisely to see if it is durable considering both of you and your partner’s weight. Most importantly, if you and your partner are different in weight, try to make sure your mattress is able to provide motion isolation.

By following these steps you can choose the best camping mattress for couples.

Installing Process Of Air mattress for Car Camping

Generally, air mattresses have two or three-valves for swelling air. Using an air pump will help to make the inflation process faster. You can use an external battery or 12-V auxiliary outlet power source from your vehicle.

Some mattresses have two different parts one is on the ground side for giving support and the other part used for sleeping. Both parts need to inflate individually.

First, open the valve lid. Fix the air pump into the air supply port. Find out the auxiliary outlet power source from your vehicle and plug your air pump in it.

Then press the switch and air up your mattress. You can see the mattress blow up quickly within two or three minutes. When the inflation process comes to the finishing point, your pump will make higher-pitched noise. Turn out the pump quickly and close the valve tightly with its cover. You can repeat the same process for inflating the other parts of your mattress. Use the smaller nozzle of your pump to inflate your air pillows. 

For self-inflating mattresses, there is no more hassle for finding power pore or carrying an air pump.  Just open the mattress from the bag and put it in free space. After a few minutes, you will see your mattress blow up and be ready to sleep.


best air mattress for car camping

Best Using Habits for Air Mattresses

For getting the best result from your air mattresses try to maintain these following things properly:-

  • Air mattresses are generally made from plastic and rubber type materials. Any fire source or sharp objects can ruin your mattress permanently. So, try to keep your air mattress safe from fire and sharp objects.
  • Children should play under the supervision of an adult. Don’t allow them to jump on it. For putting overpressure your mattress can be punctured.
  • After finishing every camping, deflate the air from the mattress and store it in a zipped bag.
  • Try to use your air pump for both the inflating and deflating process. Most people become too lazy to use the air pump for deflating. But it is not a healthy habit for your mattress. And most importantly always use the smaller nozzle for deflating. When you use the medium or bigger one, air tends to rush before you plugin.
  • Make sure your mattress is waterproof. If it is not, keep it away from water and don’t use it for water play or water rescue.
  • Patch kits are called first aid for air mattresses. Try to keep battery and patch kits available during car camping.
  • For making the right use of your mattress always read your user manual after purchasing it.


Are air mattresses better than memory foam mattresses for car camping?

Yes, it is. You will be able to get a lot of privileges when you travel with an air mattress. We know memory foam mattresses are great for sleeping. But at the time of car camping, space management is very important for you.

As you have to carry a lot of things in a small car for camping, large size mattresses carrying seems a burden. In that case, air mattresses can help you a lot. These mattresses are easily inflatable and deflatable.  You can carry the mattress in a small size bag and after inflating you can enjoy your sleep easily. Overall lightweight air mattresses are convenient for travel and storage easily whereas memory foam camping mattresses are not good enough to provide these facilities.

How Can I Wash My Air Mattress?

While you use your mattress for camping it is quite natural to become messy quickly. Dust can be brushed aside. You can clean the liquid spot by wiping it.  In order to get rid of a  strong spot use water and mild detergent to wash it. Make sure your mattress is waterproof before using water. Maximum air mattresses are waterproof as they are made from PVC plastic and rubber material.

How can I repair the hole of an air mattress without a patch kit?

You can use nail polish, duct tape, hot glue gun, gorilla glue to fix the hole in your air mattress. We don’t encourage you to use a hot glue gun. Try to skip this method if other options are available. 
In case you haven’t an option you can use the hot glue gun. But be careful as excess heat can make the hole even bigger. It is always a good idea to keep a patch kit with you while you are using an air mattress.


Adequate sleep plays an important role in enjoying camping comfortably. After spending the whole day in camping, you need a good night’s sleep to recharge yourself for the next day. Choose the best air mattress for car camping, enjoy deep sleep and fruitful your camping trips.

Happy camping!

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