Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress

Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress Review [ Detailed Buying Guide of 2021]

So, you want a traditional bouncy feel from a coil mattress yet cannot give up on luxurious heavenly feel. 

There’s a wealth of firm pillow top mattresses based on a bunch of distinct features. Thanks to the industrial revolution which allowed you to find whatever you prefer, no differences regarding the mattress industry.

You know, what you want, what’s your budget; but, the question is, which one is the best firm pillow top mattress? Too many choices- you are out of your depth.

Well, no worries, we have picked five queen size pillow top mattresses for you within a big range of affordable prices. Let’s check them out, shall we? 


Our Five Best Picks 


Product Name



Sealy 13.5” Pillow Top Mattress

2. Duraflex coil edge.
3. 10 years warranty.
4. Made in the USA.

Classic Brands Mercer 12” Pillow Top Mattress

1. Gel memory foam. 
2. Cushion-firm feel.
3. CertiPUR-US certified 
4. 10-years warranty 

Sweetnight Twilight

1. Air-flow high-density foam 
2. Spinal alignment
3. Zone support
4. 10 years warranty

Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top Mattress

1. 3” egg grate foam 
2. Polyester tight top
3. 9.84” wrapped coil
4. 10-year warranty 

Jacia House 12” Pillow-Top Mattress

1. Natural latex foam.
2. 1“ Euro top layer
3. Meets- Standard 16 CFR 1633
4. 15-Year Limited Warranty


Sealy 13.5” Pillow Top Mattress


  • Duraflex coil edge
  • Breathable ComfortLoft cover
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 years warranty 

Posturepedic technology of Sealy 13.5” Firm Pillow Top Mattress demands your attention most. Did you know, 50% of your body weight rests in the middle while you sleep? Sealy mattress provides targeted zone support in the name of Posturepedic technology. In the middle of the mattress, they included a firmer foam that provides special support.

This mattress is constructed by the traditional coil system with improved durability. The innerspring mattress tends to sink on the edge; however, Sealy has solved this problem by duraflex technology. High density encased coils surrounding the mattress provide exclusive edge support.

In short, Sealy Firm Pillow Top Mattress took support-system beyond expectation. 

Folks complain about heat restriction in pillow top mattress; but, you won’t. Why? Well, Sealy’s pillowtop firm cushion layer features 2″ SealyCushion™ Air Foam, 0.5″ SealyCool™ Gel Memory Foam, which with Breathable ComfortLoft cover allows adequate air to follow through the mattress. ComfortLoft cover will shun away moisture from the body during slumber.

1″ SealyCushion™ Extra Soft Foam, 2.5″ SealySupport™ Foam- with a total mattress height of 14″ will give you a premium firmer feel, unlike typical rock hard firm mattress.

Certipur-us certified ultimate responsive mattress comes with a 10years warranty. Proudly designed and built in the USA. The manufacturer kept No room to think less about the quality.

The next day you slept on Sealy 13.5” Firm Pillow Top Mattress be like, AH! Couldn’t be better.


Classic Brands Mercer 12” Pillow Top Mattress



  • ½” cool Gel memory foam, 
  • Pillow top with a cushion-firm feel
  • Open-cell comfort foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified 
  • 10-years warranty 

You probably heard that pillow top mattress restrain heat inside the mattress. Well, it’s a fact but not for all Pillow Top mattresses. 

The topmost layer of the Classic Brands Mercer 12” Pillow Top Mattress is gel memory foam which absorbs heat from the body and wrapped pocket coils inside the mattress allow adequate airflow through the mattress. On the plus side, a quilted pillow top knit cover with a corded edge and coordinating knit sides makes the bed breathable that means no heat remains in the mattress after all. No wonder, ultimate cool slumber you will get with Classic Brands Mercer.

Combination of Multi-layers of memory foam and the traditional innerspring wrapped coils upgrade support system of the mattress. It can carry heavy weight without any trouble. On the flip side, this combination diminishes motion transfer; individually wrapped coils reduce the sensation of movement. Toss around relentlessly since your partner will not feel disturbed again.

 0.75 inch of comfort foam just above innerspring provides precise contouring features. Two rounds of wrapped coils enhanced edge support of the bed. Furthermore, cooling gel memory foam and open-cell comfort foam provides orthopedic support and ultimate conforming response along with reducing temperature. 

It raises the question about firmness; there’s no denying that this mattress offers a cushion firm which means it’s not rock hard, also, not too soft. suitable for all types of sleeping positions unless you weigh heavier than typical folks. 

You won’t be suffocated or affected by memory foams’ chemical substances as Certi-Pur-us certified Classic Brands Mercer. Finally, for quality and durability assurance, Classic Brands Mercer 12” Pillow Top Mattress comes with 10years limited warranty. 


Sweetnight Twilight 



  • Air-flow high-density foam 
  • Spinal alignment
  • 3-Zone pocket spring
  • 10 years warranty

Sweetnight Twilight Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress luxurious firm feel having 5-layer construction. Plush pillow-top features will let you have a heavenly sleep. 

You won’t get a chance to complain about motion isolation, thanks to 775 coils individually wrapped innerspring and Gel Memory Foam. they provide ultimate relief and support that you are never gonna feel your partner’s movement.

The 3-zone pocket spring structure offers optimal body support. The topmost layer formed with the high-density memory foam contour to the body which allows fine spinal alignment. Between memory foam and an independent spring layer, gel memory foam is included which makes sure bodyweight distribution, also heat distribution.  

Do you have back or neck issues caused by the mattress? Well, say goodbye to them as this multi-layered designed mattress provides distinct support to different body parts. No need to worry about sleeping position, suitable for almost all types of sleepers unless you are too heavy.

A smart “edge-to-edge” targeted ergonomic support system will let you sleep on the edge without worrying about slipping off. 

At the top, the quilted pillow top promotes proper airflow through the mattress. The sandwich layer of airflow high-density foam and gel memory foam made the mattress highly breathable. Besides, innerspring adds extra air space inside the bed.

Sweetnight twilight is Certi-Pur-us certified which denotes health concern. On the plus side, the knitted fabric resists mites; thus, skin-friendly. 

Sweetnight Twilight is resistant to sagging and rolling off, no wonder why it comes with a 10-years warranty; furthermore, 30 days return facility. 


Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top Mattress



  • 3” egg grate foam layer
  • Polyester tight top
  • 9.84” wrapped coil
  • 10-year warranty 

Looking for a highly responsive firm hybrid mattress? Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top Mattress features 3” egg crate foam along with 1” responsive foam which contours to the body shape and response quickly. These two layers will allow you to sink on a firm mattress.

Sleeping with a partner? You’re likely to be disturbed by your partners’ movement; however, the responsive feature and 9.84” wrapped coils are prone to limit motion disturbance. You might be wondering already about having amazing sex. That’s right! The bouncy and highly responsive feature of the mattress will make your intercourse amazing, saucy huh?

The quilted polyester tight top cover made the mattress breathable. Egg crate foam layer lets body heat flow through the mattress which goes away through the cover. In contrast, if you sweat anyway, the mattress won’t be able to help you as the polyester cover doesn’t absorb moisture.

High-quality materials increased the durability of the mattress; however, it may reduce due to the lack of proper care. This mattress is backed with a 10-years warranty.

The sleeping position should not bother you when you purchase Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top Mattress. Extremely supportive wrapped coil and topmost two layers act according to your body movement.

This mattress has a bigger drawback, that is, Modway Jenna is not CertiPur-Us certified. There’s a risk of the presence of harmful chemical substances like mercury. It is free from off-gassing according to the customers. Also, edge support of this mattress is poor, if you tend to use the edge of the mattress then it might not be for you.


Jacia House 12” Pillow-Top Mattress



  • Natural latex layer (egg foam-3.2”) 
  • 1“ Euro top layer
  • Meets Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty

You have back pain issues yet want a bouncy comfortable mattress. Not a problem, you’ve got what you wanted. 

So, Jacia House 12” Pillow-Top Mattress has three major layers to solve your problem. How? 3.2” egg foam, underneath the euro top layer, is bound to provide you quick bouncy response, moreover, this layer is made of 100% natural latex foam. On the flip side, firm lovers love latex foam because of its sturdiness. 

1”  euro top mattress adds a cherry on the top regarding the comfort level of the mattress. You will have a cozy night’s sleep, no doubt. 

7.8” encased individual coils offer the ultimate comfort and support. These coils distribute body weight and let the spine align perfectly.

Aggregating natural latex and 15 gauge independently encased coil let the Mattress eliminate motion disturbance- perfect for couples. Moreover, contouring to the body shape of this mattress alleviates back pain.

The pillow top, a combination of natural latex, knitted premium fabric, and Fireproof Cotton Felt offers the most comfortable slumber. 

Speaking of fireproof, Jacia House Meets Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. The deluxe support foam and quality egg foam mattress are made of low VOC foam, no fiberglass is used. However, this mattress is not Certi-Pur-us certified although being free from PBDEs, TDCPP Or TCEP (“Tris”) Flame Retardants, Ozone Depletes, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Lead, And Heavy Metals.

According to customary opinion, it is free from odor and ultimate comfortable firm mattress. With 15-years limited warranty, purchasing  Jacia House 12” Pillow-Top Mattress won’t disappoint you.


Buying Guide for Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress

What is a pillow top mattress?

A pillow top is a mattress formed following innerspring construction and added an extra layer to enhance comfort. This layer is generally 2-4 inches thick. 

This mattress can be determined just by looking at the outer design, that is, an extra layer knitted atop and edges are curved- to enhance breathability. This is a typical design though, some mattresses may look like ordinal hybrid mattresses.

Memory foam, regular foam, fiberfill, wool, gel, latex, or others of the kind materials are included in a pillow top layer. However, there are different types of pillow top layers which are discussed below.

A pillow top is an upgraded version of either an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress. A traditional innerspring mattress can’t provide an extra cushion or necessary responsive support, and that’s where pillow top walks in.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top

A euro top is a type of pillow top. There are a few major differences yet people tend to have a misconception about these two types of mattresses.

The main structural difference between them is, a euro top is sewn to the mattress while, as the name denotes, the pillow top is slightly separated from the mattress- more like a broad pillow on the mattress. Although, their thickness is the same that is from 2-4 in both types.

Like pillow tops, euro tops are also made out of memory foam, regular foam, fiberfill, wool, gel, latex, or others of the kind. However, euro tops tend to be denser than pillow tops; thus, pillow tops provide a cloudlike pillowy feel.

Euro tops are typically more durable than pillow tops, also they provide better edge support. These features generally make a euro top more expensive.

Pillow Top Mattresses Pros and Cons

There are few benefits along with some drawbacks, some of them vary amongst folks. Let’s have a close look at the pillow top mattress. First, we are going to find whether it’s for you or not. So what are the advantages of a pillow top mattress? Also, drawbacks of a pillow top mattress.


  • Motion Isolation: memory foam mattress is well-known for motion isolation but innerspring mattress? Well, the wrapped coils may improve a little bit, but a pillow top on the mattress helps to solve this annoying problem for good.

Pillow tops absorb motion by conforming to the body shape.

  • Affordability: Paying for a high-quality hybrid mattress may cost your years of dedication while a pillow top mattress with good care can offer you a hotel-like feel at an affordable price. A little use of what you have between two years may add luxury in your life within a small budget, by which we mean a pillow top mattress.
  • Comfort: no wonder, adding a quality layer on the mattress enhances the comfort of the mattress. It makes the mattress plusher, also by contouring according to the body, relieves pressure. A splendid option for orthopedic pain relief. 
  • Sleeping position: On a pillow top mattress, your sleeping position won’t bother you unless you weigh beyond the pale- more than 230 lbs. However, some customers, stomach sleepers especially, find these mattresses too soft.
  • Responsiveness: if you are a big fan of a highly responsive mattress, sex on a bouncy mattress to be precise, then a pillow top mattress with latex foam will fulfill your desire.


  • Heat Retention: The first thing you should take on account while purchasing a bed is heat regulation. Sadly, many customers make a fuss about temperature regulation in a pillow top mattress, but why? 

Because, typically, memory foam is used in pillow top layers which are infamous for heat retention. However, gel memory foam absorbs body heat. By using gel memory foam and breathable technology, mattress companies solve this issue efficiently.

  • Durability: durability is a common issue in regards to pillow top mattresses. Either low-density foam layer or low-quality foam layer tends to form indentions that incline longevity of the mattress.
  • Insufficient support: stomach sleepers who especially weigh more than 230 lbs typically complain about insufficient support. Some sleepers find extra foam layers that make pillow top mattresses less supportive. 

What Should I Consider Before Purchasing A Pillow Top Mattress?

Buying a mattress is one of the most difficult tasks, change my mind! Thanks to e-commerce, it’s not that difficult anymore, if you just take a look at some terms before making a purchase. 

We are here to help you with understanding a mattress. FYI, you should not judge a mattress by general pros and cons. You learn the mattress, then you will judge it by yourself.


Inherently when we try to make purchases, we tend to check materials. So, if you sleep hot then a traditional memory foam in the pillow top layer is not for you, consider gel memory foam and find a breathable mattress. 

However, memory foam works well for firm lovers and back pain issues. But beware of CertiPUR-US certification. High-density foam helps to offer standard longevity. 

Wanna have amazing sex, why don’t you buy a pillow top mattress that has latex foam in the foam layer. Latex foam in a mattress offers the most responsive feature. 

Sleeping Position

What types of sleeper are you? Plush feature of a pillow top mattress makes the mattress a good option for side and back sleepers. A firm pillow top mattress also works for stomach sleepers. In fact, it works for all kinds of sleeping positions unless the sleeper is too heavy.

Mattress Type

You may have already learned that the pillow top mattresses are two types. Do you give priority to comfort? Do you want extra plus feel also extra support? If the answers are yes, consider a hybrid mattress among an innerspring mattress and a hybrid mattress.

Firmness Level

Don’t expect a firm level of 8-10, 10 being the firmest, in a pillow top mattress. Pillow top aims to provide a relatively softer feel. Average pillow top mattress offers 5-6.5 i.e. medium firmness.


Why is my mattress too hot?

Mattress materials are the reason why your mattress becomes hot. If your mattress is not breathable (traditional memory foam construction), your mattress is more likely to restrain heat inside the mattress.

How long is a pillow top mattress good for?

Longevity depends on the quality of a mattress. Customary opinion- a typical budget mattress tends to wear out before 7 years. According to mattress specialists, a mattress should be changed within 8 years, though.

However,  a quality pillow top mattress can serve you for more than 8 years.  A pillow top layer that is formed using latex foam is more durable than that of memory foam.

Can you flip a pillow top mattress?

The answer is a sharp NO. As you can see, the name suggests that a pillow top mattress has a pillow top layer on other types of mattress, thus you cannot flip your mattress. 

How do you fix a sagging pillow top mattress?

You can take two steps to resolve your issue.
1. Rotate your mattress at 180 angles.
2. Place plywood under the mattress. Placing specifically underneath the sagging area works better.



A pillow top mattress plays a vital role in providing ultimate comfort- fairly plush feel. Firm pillow top mattress, on the other hand, allows a sleeper to feel cloud along with proper support, body alignment, and treating back issues.

Ask yourself, why do you want a pillow top mattress? What specific feature do you prioritize? Matching your answers with five firm pillow top mattresses above should end your mattress buying journey.

Well, you have come through a long journey. What did you choose after all? Let us know in the comment below.


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