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5 Best Flippable Innerspring Mattress of 2021 – [Reviews With Complete Buying Guide]

Are you looking for an innerspring mattress, also flippable? If your answer is yes, either way, guess what, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, allow me to introduce you innerspring flippable mattress briefly; however, let’s not waste your valuable time if you already have a basic idea on the innerspring mattress. 

We have quick links to specific products where you can jump into the reviews directly. FYI, check the table to get through our picks so that you don’t end up barking up the wrong tree.

Innerspring mattress

Despite being the oldest bed types, the innerspring mattress still holds its significant value and is utterly popular to a large number of sleepers. Typically, it is made of steel coil core (support system) with multiple layers. Its structure provides some magnificent features.

To start with, the innerspring of a mattress has greater open space that allows free movement of air, which keeps the comfort layers above cool. A person can move quite smoothly on an innerspring bed that limits motion disturbance, very convenient for couples. 

Innerspring mattresses maintain the balance of a body which makes it healthier. Some people tend to think that it is too firm. Here comes flippable innerspring mattress, AKA dual-sided. Flippable mattress provides dual firmness levels in one mattress, go for it if you prefer flexibility in firmness. 

Finally, it offers six years of durability or even more at affordable prices, and from my point of view, that should not be taken for granted. Furthermore, a flippable mattress helps to expand lifespan a little bit more.

Taking a decision for six years or even more is never an easy task so let’s dig in more deeply. Here, we have picked five best flippable innerspring mattresses.

Our Top 5 Picks





Spectra Orthopedic

1. CertiPUR-US certified
2. Excellent Body Support. 
3. Antibacterial Mattress

Spring Dreams

1. CertiPUR-US certified
2. Designed for Maximum Comfort
3. 10-year warranty

Nutan Vinyl Innerspring

1. Waterproof
2. Fully Assembled
3. Good For The Back


1. Compatible with Adjustable Bed Base
2. Edge Support
3. Breathable Construction

Iyee Nature

1. Hypoallergenic
2. Edge Support
3. Breathable Construction

5 Best Flippable Innerspring Mattress

Spectra Orthopedic

Do you have any neck, back, or joint issues? If your answer is yes then consider you have got what you are looking for. Spectra orthopedic, an ergonomic mattress, is engineered using advanced technology for these issues; tighter coils provide extra support and that aligns the spine nicely.  

It is said that the more coils are pocketed the better quality an innerspring mattress possesses. Spectra orthopedic has over 1800 pocketed coils that provide special support for the body and, thus it is more convenient for back sleepers, it is specially designed for back.

These coils will give you a firmer feel since a great number of coils already made the mattress tighter. 

Height of the coils is 8”, and with breathable foam, spectra orthopedic turned to be healthier. This feature allows the mattress to release body pressure. Both sides of the mattress are covered by cotton which provides another health benefit that absorbs moisture. Also, the mattress is antibacterial. 

Durability should not be an issue for spectra orthopedic since it has a great number of coils that prolong the life of the mattress and more importantly it’s flippable. Nothing to worry about using the other side because both sides are structured evenly.

Do you think you are heavier? Well, don’t worry, a twin size spectra orthopedic has a capacity of 300 pounds; On top of this, that won’t affect durability.  

This mattress comes with a range of size options, and it is to be fit in any adjustable bed frame.

Lastly, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, thus eco-friendly.

Spring Dreams

Imagine you are back from work and tired so you gotta take rest, now you need a mattress that will help you to forget the hardship, supposedly you need Spring Dreams. 7” thin pocket coil and quilted polyfoam, which is perfectly breathable.

This innerspring core gives pressure point relief and extra support and lets your body pressure shun away. Needless to mention, this feature of Spring Dreams has another benefit that it will keep you cool at night for sure.

It would be a perfect choice if you are a medium soft mattress lover since its firmness level is low due to a higher gauge of the coil, and perfectly suitable if you are a side or stomach sleeper but prefer a little bit firm innerspring mattress. It supports the hip and shoulder, in case, you are a back sleeper sometimes.

Being aware of nature you don’t have to worry since nothing natural is used in the foam, it is CertiPUR-US certified.

Spring dreams is an extremely comfortable mattress that you will find on the internet at an affordable price. 15 gauge pocket coil and flippable technology combinedly expand its lifespan. Each side has the same layers so that you can use the other side after a certain period. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a big range of size options.

Nutan Vinyl Innerspring

Are you looking for a staph check mattress? Well, Nutan vinyl innerspring is here for you. This staph-check vinyl casing innerspring mattress is meant to provide enough comfort and cleanliness.

This heavy-duty waterproof mattress is designed for those who are concerned about hygiene. It is quite antibacterial and also bedbug resistant.

It works better for those children and adults who, sometimes, lose control over themselves while sleeping; vinyl casing makes it perfectly fluid-proof and easy to clean, in case someone emits fluid during night.

However, it is not made considering hygiene only. 357 verticoil in a queen size mattress provides high edge-to-edge support. The 13.75 gauge unit of the mattress will make you fall asleep quickly by reducing the pressure point. It works pretty well for back issues as Nutan vinyl innerspring is an orthopedic mattress.

Sleepers who prefer back sleeping should prefer Nutan vinyl innerspring since it is quite firm and comfortable. Could it be more perfect for those who have back pain along with incontinence concerns?

Speaking of pain and losing control, this mattress is completely preferable for the health care service center. The patients can find enough support for the body which will ease their sleeping and nothing to worry about incontinence which is quite a typical occurrence in a health care center or medical.

Available in almost all sizes at an affordable price; on the plus side, it doesn’t need to assemble as it is ready to use upon opening the box. Durable enough since it is a flippable mattress. So what are you waiting for?


How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Some folks prefer a flippable mattress with dual firmness levels. Hi there, do you prefer the same? Well, Lydia could be the one you are looking for.

It comes with both a firm side and a plush side. Convoluted foam on the plush side made the mattress more comfortable. Side sleepers can use this mattress without any hesitation; however, this type is also suitable for back sleepers. 

The other side of the mattress is a firm that has fiber pad quilted; no doubt, it’s for you because you are a back sleeper. Besides, the tight top of the mattress should grab your attention since the plush tight top mattresses feature thinner comforting layers. Back sleepers particularly prefer tight top mattresses nowadays. 

However,  a luxurious quilted stretch knit fabric, containing air fibers, covers both sides of the mattress; thus, it becomes more comfortable. Whichever side you prefer, you will get the easement anyway. Breathable technology keeps no tip to worry about heat circulation. 

Lydia flippable innerspring mattress contains 8” 789 pocket coils. It features fortified edge support. Needless to mention, it provides the ultimate ease by reducing pressure. You tend to disturb your partner during sleeping? Well, enough, Lydia won’t make that happen again since 789 wrapped coils will limit motion disturbance.

Overweight? Relax, a queen size Lydia has a capacity of  510 pounds. Compatible mattress for an adjustable frame although Lydia is an innerspring mattress.100 days of a free trial, so you have a chance to check our words. Finally, it has a wide range of size options.

Iyee Nature

You will not feel hot again! Iyee Nature is engineered for fine heat circulation. Gel-infused memory foam will absorb heat from the body and wrapped coils inside will make sure proper airflow throughout the mattress.

Furthermore, 3D knitted dual-layer cover makes the mattress properly breathable. 

Iyee Nature features advanced technology, euro top. Having this feature, this mattress will give you a luxury hotel experience. Euro top tends to be softer yet supportive. Great for those folks who have back pain issues. However, memory foam stitched inside the top layer provides a medium feel; suitable for any sleeping position preference. 

Tons of pocketed coils with memory foam comfort layers provide extreme comfort. Iyee Nature contours around the body well. Innerspring and reinforced foam give ultimate edge support. Apart from providing a comfortable feeling, these two expanded the durability of the mattress.

More importantly, Iyee Nature is a hypoallergenic mattress. This feature is likely to reduce triggering allergic symptoms. Pretty good for health, especially for babies. This antibacterial cover technology will keep your mattress fresh and clean. On the plus side, Iyee Nature is CertiPUR-OS and Oeko-Tex certified; apparently, no need to be concerned about chemicals.

In addition, this mattress has some other significant features. Such as, it can hold 450 pounds weight. Quite compatible with any type of adjustable base although, according to the name, it’s a sofa bed. It comes with a 10 years warranty. Still worried about quality? Well, you have 100 nights free trial. 

Buyer’s Guide for best Flippable Innerspring Mattress

What is a Flippable Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress has coils made of steel underneath multiple comfort layers. There are four different types of coils; however, pocket coil amongst them is most popular. Pocket coil, also known as wrapped coil, performs individually unlike other types of coil since they are wrapped individually.

Flippable is an additional feature of a mattress which allows using both sides of a mattress. A flippable mattress may have different firmness levels or may not.

Benefit of a Flippable Innerspring Mattress

These types of mattresses bear a great number of benefits. But to get those benefit, first,  you need to consider:

  • The gauge of the coil: the gauge is a unit to measure the thickness of the coil. Most often gauge numbers range 12-15. 13 or lower gauge means the spring is thicker and the mattress is firmer.
  • How many coils: a full-size mattress should have at least 300 coils. Nevertheless, quality is superior to the number, in terms of comfort.
  • Type of coils: as we mentioned earlier pocket coils is better than others.  
  • Top type: there are different types of top of the mattress. Tight top mattress tends to be firmer than any other mattress top. However, the euro top is more premium quality and softer.
  • Firmness: not every flippable mattress has a dual firmness level; therefore it should be checked. Moreover, firmness level preference varies for different sleepers.  

What are the benefits of an innerspring mattress

  • Limit motion disturbance: wrapped coil innerspring mattress contours around the body thus it reduces motion disturbance. Very convenient for those who sleep with a partner. 
  • Variation: The innerspring mattress has been dominating a massive part of the mattress market for decades. Day after day till today it’s improving and getting different variations. So, it comes with many options which, of course, more than any other mattress type. 
  • Budget Range: Innerspring mattresses have a wider budget range, from 200$ to 2000$. You cannot expect high durability from a cheap mattress, of course. The lower-priced innerspring mattress comes with lower quality. Therefore, they tend to be damaged sooner. However, you can have a luxurious hotel experience though.
  • Bouncing: it gives no time to think that an innerspring mattress is quite bouncy. It fits best for a couple since it adds a little more fun to the romantic activity. 
  • Smell: some of the folks tend to worry about the smell. Well, unlike foam or latex mattresses they generally have little smell. The innerspring mattress has this feature because of free airflow.
  • Cooler: you encounter sleeping hot? Guess what, the innerspring mattresses have enough space inside for continuous airflow and they don’t restrain heat like a foam mattress. It will give you a cooler experience. 

What are the benefits of a flippable mattress

  • Dual firmness: Firmness of a mattress is an important factor. If you are a combo sleeper or not sure which firmness level fits you properly, a flippable with dual firmness levels would be the best choice for you. Besides, this mattress also fits pretty well for the guest room.
  • Durability: typically, a flippable mattress tends to be more durable. Pressuring on one side for a long time through sleeping can decline longevity of a mattress, here, flippable mattress may enhance its durability. However, durability depends on other factors too. Ultimately, the quality of materials plays a vital role. In addition, rotation also can expand the lifespan of mattresses though it doesn’t work well like flipping.

What should you consider before making a purchase?

Choosing the right type

Tons of manufacturers making new mattresses with brand new features every day. With a thousand options it gets pretty hard to decide which one to buy, right? 

Before going any further ask yourself, how do you sleep? What features do you demand? What’s your budget? Different types of mattresses feature differently. Let’s say, an innerspring mattress will give you more bouncy and cool feel than a foam or a latex mattress.

Firmness level & sleeping position

Do you know what type of sleeper you are? Well, it’s an important thing to know before choosing the right mattress for you. Firmness level may vary according to sleeping position.

Side sleeper prefers soft mattress since it provides ultimate comfort contouring around the body. A stomach sleeper will sink in a soft mattress below the rest of the body. Besides, it may bring bad spinal issues. On the other hand, a back sleeper cannot sleep on a soft mattress.

You must need a firm mattress to keep the balance of your body if you are a back sleeper. Apparently, those with back and neck issues should purchase a firm mattress.

If you are a heavy person, one thing you should keep in mind is that you will feel a mattress softer than a thin person. Most people overlook this matter. So, be aware of it when you buy a mattress.

Find out how you sleep then match a mattress for you.

Weight and mattress height 

Flippable mattresses are typically taller. Height of the mattress should be determined, not every mattress may not fit into your bed frame. Moreover, big guys should prefer a thicker mattress for better support. 


The 2015 Sleep in AmericaTM Poll finds that 57% American report pain-related sleep loss issues which occur due to spinal alignment. So, this matter can not be overlooked.

A good mattress featuring proper pressure point relief can save you from vital pain. Speaking of proper pressure point relief, foam mattress seems to work best, it adjusts the body properly. 

However, considering other factors, pocket coil innerspring mattresses with memory foam comfort layers tend to work better. Pocket coils provide individual support for certain parts of the body thus featuring better pressure point relief.

Sleeping with partner?

What else is more enjoyable than vibrant sex when you are in a relationship? An innerspring mattress can add little more fun in sex through bouncy feel. Some folks enjoy that bouncy feeling pretty much.

However, motion disturbance might be a little problem. Especially, when two people have far different body sizes. Memory foam mattresses are great in motion isolation but it won’t provide you a bouncy feeling. In this scenario, a hybrid mattress can be a worthy solution.

Heat circulation

Feeling hot is a real problem. Literally, it can spoil your night. Foam mattress restrains body heat which will make you feel hot, you may sweat. However gel-infused memory foam makes the mattress breathable that can keep you cool throughout the night. So, if you prefer memory foam, find a gel-infused foam mattress.

On the other hand, in innerspring mattress free space lets free airflow and those mattresses are typically breathable. If temperature is your primary concern, go for an innerspring mattress without a second thought. 

Downside of a flippable mattress

A flippable mattress is generally a bit more expensive than a one-sided bed; don’t be sad yet, loads of affordable flippable mattresses are waiting for you. This type of mattress can be heavier, be aware, in case, your bed frame is weak.


Always read out manufacturers’ policies because they can help you to utilize them properly. And their policy varies.

  • Trial period: Shopping online for a mattress is quite a hardship. To make it easy for you, the sellers now give you an extended trial period. So, nothing to worry about choosing the wrong mattress. Make sure you check the trial policy before making a purchase, since it varies from seller-to-seller, and return policy too.
  • Warranty: To ensure the quality of the mattress, the manufacturers give you a certain period of longevity warranty. When you buy, check it out to be sure about the durability of the product.


How often should I flip my mattress?

We recommend you flip your mattress every three to six months, either your mattress has the same firmness level on both sides or different. If your mattress is one-sided consider rotating it once every three months to prolong its longevity. However, you can flip anytime you want if you want to use different firmness.

Which Kind of Frame Can I Use for my mattress?

Actually it depends on what type of mattress you bought. We recommend you use the adjustable bed as most of the mattress may fit in here. Check products review or manufacturers’ info to get a specific idea. 

Who should consider a flippable mattress?

If durability is your main concern, you might wanna go for a flippable mattress.
If you are buying a mattress for the guest room you might consider a double-sided mattress which offers dual firmness level, your guest might have different firmness preferences. 


Well, you have come through a long journey. Let’s assume, you have obtained a pretty good idea of how to choose a mattress, especially the best flippable innerspring mattress. However, don’t forget to check manufacturers’ information because they hold very significant things you need to know.

Now, find out your preferences, what do you want? Once you have done learning about yourself and mattress, you are ready for hunting! Maybe one of our recommendations is a perfect match for you. Go grab it, what are you waiting for?

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