Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain

Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain- Forget All The Pain In 2021

We spend one-third of our days sleeping and we want it peaceful and healthy. What if you’re sleeping on an inappropriate mattress that causes back pain and then you spend the whole day stretching? Well, most likely your bed has ruined your day already. 

There is a huge amount of mattresses in the market having various types and features. Besides, there is no particular matrix for selecting a perfect mattress.  That said, it is quite challenging to pick the right one. We have opted for the five best innerspring mattress for back pain.

Comfort is the key feature, you should be looking for while getting enough support, to get rid of back pain. It may sound a bit confusing. Well, that’s why we have chosen and explained the mattresses to you. Go through the whole article, make your buying journey enjoyable. 

5 Best Innerspring Mattress for Back Pain Within Your Budget

Molblly 12 inch Innerspring Mattress in a Box

Molblly Innerspring Mattress

Well, this mattress has 9” individually wrapped coils in the base layer. These pocketed coils provide sturdy support while conforming to the body curve. This layer alone helps a sleeper in getting relieves from back pain,

Innerspring mattresses are well-known for their breathability and keeping cool the whole night. No exception in this mattress either, despite it doesn’t have special cooling technology. However, it has 1” wave foam at the top which keeps constant airflow throughout the bed with the help of a 3D knitted breathable cover and breathable coil construction.

Speaking of cover, this Molblly mattress offers a dual-layered 3d knitted breathable cover that has a fireproof pad. When it comes to fireproof beds, people keep buzzing around that “Does it contain fiberglass?”. Well, we can assure you, it does not.

Some mattresses on the market which are rock hard in the name of a firm mattress. To make it comfortable, this mattress has 1” HD comfortable foam and 1” HD support foam. These foam layers also help it to shape according to the body curve, and thus relieves pressure points. 

Average people, under 230lbs, find it firm yet comfy. Hence, it fits all kinds of sleepers, however, some stomach sleepers may find it very firm for them.

Molblly mattresses come at quite affordable prices having good quality. Also, these mattresses are CertiPur-Us certified. Enjoy your new purchase after 24-48 hours of installing. Don’t worry about installation as it arrives in a box and is easy to install.

Spectra Orthopedic Double-Sided 13.5” Firm Independent Pocket Coils Mattress

Spectra Orthopedic Innerspring Mattress
Spectra Orthopedic Innerspring Mattress

As the name suggests, we are about to talk about an orthopedic mattress that is specially made for people with back, neck, and joint issues. You’re looking for a mattress for back pain, right? 

Spectra orthopedic double-sided 13.5” firm independent pocket coils mattress provides enhanced support with a cozy surface. It is constructed with 8” 1400  individually wrapped coils which provide support for the back. This queen size mattress can take a load up to 800lbs, big guys take a look into this.

This mattress has two comfort layers that provide cushion support and relieves pressure points. The 1.5-inch layer at the top offers a softer surface and the .75-inch comfort layer helps to contour around the body. 

There is one more attractive feature of this mattress though that is, this Spectra Orthopedic mattress is flippable i.e., you can use both sides. However, there’s no difference regarding firmness or support. You can flip it over which will reduce the chance of sagging and prolong the durability. 

The sturdiness and flipping facility make sure your investment doesn’t go into vain. This mattress comes with a 10-years of warranty. The quality of the mattress is also good and healthy since it is CertiPur-Us certified. Moreover, this one is proudly made in the USA.

Signature Sleep Contour 10″ Reversible Encased Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep Innerspring Mattress
Signature Sleep Innerspring Mattress

If you have a tight budget that you cannot afford Spectra’s double-sided innerspring mattress yet you are looking for it, this Signature Sleep contour 10″ reversible encased coil mattress is for you.

This mattress features three layers above the coils excluding the cover. It is covered by a resilient and breathable premium cover. This cover is non-washable, hence, the manufacturer advises using a mattress pad. Underneath the cover, it has a fire retardant pad, however, there’s no fire retardant pad on the other side.

Both sides have a luxurious memory foam layer which provides balanced support, and also reduces motion transfer. Then there’s a cushioning pad that relieves pressure points. 

Since innerspring mattresses offer thin comfort layers, they tend to sag sooner, you will notice indention where you sleep frequently. This is not only a sign that your bed will wear out sooner but also a sign of your back pain. To solve this issue that causes pain, follow the manufacturers’ recommendation which is to flip your mattress once in a while to avoid indentation. Flippable feature prolongs its durability.

You might be thinking, “Well, I’m looking for a mattress which will relieve my back pain, and how’s this one going to help me?”. Happy to mention, this mattress is constructed with 7” 15 gauge individually wrapped coils. Since coils in this mattress are relatively thinner, it will respond first and contour around your body. On the plus side, couples who love bouncy feel during night time activities will love the bounciness of this mattress.

This mattress is made in either Thailand or in Cambodia and arrives in a box at your doorstep. Easy to install, but remember to remove all plastic cover immediately to avoid any harm. This mattress is backed with a 10-years of limited warranty.

Swiss Ortho Sleep 12″ Inch Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress 

Swiss Ortho Sleep Innerspring Mattress
Swiss Ortho Sleep Innerspring Mattress

How about we bring you a mattress with cooling technology? We are seeking the attention of hot sleepers and big sleepers. Swiss Ortho Sleep 12″ inch individually wrapped coil mattress features a breathable bamboo cover that allows constant airflow. 

Besides, this mattress has 1-inch wave foam and 9-inch individually wrapped coils that means big room for airflow. The surface always remains at room temperature. Big people encounter hot issues the most. Also, it is compatible with plus-sized people, so stay worry-free, you big guy. According to many plus-sized people such as 200lbs plus stated this mattress is firm but comfortable.

Speaking of big people, this is a firm mattress having a sturdy base layer of 9” 13 gauge individually wrapped coils. Since you are a back pain patient, you need extreme back support, and this Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress would be a better option.

You have no room to think it is a rock hard bed as it has three foam layers above the spring layer. Under the bamboo cover, there’s a 0.5-inch high-density foam layer to avoid sinkage. Furthermore, there is 1-inch wave foam and a white pad so that you don’t feel the coils and reduce motion transfer. End of disturbance from partners’ movement, however, keep in mind that, innerspring mattresses are noise potential.

This mattress is not altogether free from harmful substances as CertiPur-Us certified, and there’s no fiberglass. To keep you worry-free about the durability and quality, they offer a 10years limited warranty and a 30days money-back guarantee. 

Modway Jenna 10” Innerspring Quilted Pillow Top Mattress 

Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress
Modway Jenna Innerspring Mattress

Some people give priority to hypoallergenic breathable pillow-top mattresses. We selected a Modway Jenna 10” innerspring quilted pillow top mattress, in case it turns out you are one of them. You might be advised that you need a firm mattress to say goodbye to back pain, well, that ain’t wrong. But that has nothing to do with a comfortable surface that you are looking for. 

Let’s talk about what makes this mattress so comfortable. There are only foam layers to give you a soft surface. 1-inch of responsive foam at the top allows the mattress to shape conforming to the body. It helps to distribute body weight accordingly. 

Then there’s a wave foam which offers free air circulation between the body and the bed. Speaking of air circulation, this mattress will not become hot at night because of the wave foam, breathable cover, and coil structure. 

Only two foam layers might seem to sag in the middle. But it doesn’t as it has 8.5 inch tall individually pocketed coils under the foam layers. Furthermore, to reduce body impression give firmer feel support it has a felt liner pad between waveform and the spring layers. 

Overall this mattress relieves pressure points and most of the customary opinions support that this budget mattress works better for back pain and neck pain issues. Since it has thin layers of foam, it does transfer motion but not much like a traditional innerspring mattress.  

It is covered by a fire retardant polyester cover which is free from fiberglass, no worries. This Modway Jennas’ product is backed with 10 years of limited warranty. Try this quilted pillow top mattress and say hello to comfort, meanwhile say goodbye to back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

You’re not likely to get an exact answer to that question in a buying guide since there are numerous reasons behind the back pain. However, according to ActToday, most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic—meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer.

Let’s talk about the most common cause of back pain that is the inappropriate bed. When we sleep, our backbone should be straight and natural. If our mattress fails to provide an aligned spine properly, we wake up the next day having back pain. Furthermore, if our body is positioned unnaturally during slumber, and the mattress does not relieve pressure points, we are prone to have lower back pain and neck pain.

What Happens When We Sleep On A Rock Hard Mattress?

What happens when we sleep on a rock hard mattress
What Happens When We Sleep on a Rock Hard Mattress

When your mattress is rock hard your body remains pretty straight. Well, don’t be confused when I say make sure your backbone is straight. As you know already, our body is curved. The mattress misaligns the spinal cord when it doesn’t contour around the body i.e. when it is rockhard. 

What Happens When We Sleep On A Too Soft Mattress?

This firmness is problematic either. Let’s imagine, you are a side sleeper. When you sleep on a too-soft mattress, your hip sinks in the middle of the mattress. As a result, you’ll encounter severe back pain the next day when you wake up. Since your spine didn’t align perfectly and your muscle was strained for an extended period of time.

Can Sleeping Position Cause Back Pain?

Undoubtedly, for many people, those who have back pain issues which pop up in the morning, sleeping positions are directly responsible. A different sleeping position has different spinal alignment and pressure points. 

Back Sleeper

A back sleeper maximum weight of the body keeps pressuring downward through the hips. At that position, your body is prone to sink on a soft mattress which will misalign the spinal cord. On the other hand, if the mattress is too hard, the body fails to rest conforming to natural curvature. 

Side Sleeper

Like back sleepers, side sleepers create greater force with the hip, also the shoulder. Side sleepers need contouring support so that the mattress shapes according to the body while the spine remains straight. Side sleepers also encounter neck pain. However, a medium-firm mattress that contours around the body can save the day.

Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers have the same pressure points as side sleepers, around the neck and lumbar area. Stomach sleepers mostly need appropriate pillows so that their neck doesn’t bend too much, also they get enough support. However, on a soft mattress stomach sinks which strain the muscle and ligament of the lumbar area.

Can A Mattress Save You From Back Pain?

A mattress simply cannot save you from back pain unless it was caused by another mattress. Truth be told, there are many types of back pain, don’t get excited by the advertisements.

Well, if your old bed cannot cope with your sleeping position, then a new mattress might be your lifesaver. The back pain mostly starts from uneven weight distribution and an unnatural curvature of the body. In this case, a mattress that conforms to the body will save you from back pain. 


Firmness is one the most important things to consider before buying a mattress. But there’s no particular firmness level since it varies upon the body weight. If you are too heavy, a firm mattress will feel softer and vice versa.

So how do you determine? Well, in most cases when you see a mattress that says it is firm, it means it is firm for average people who weigh under 230 lbs. If you are a plus-sized person, a medium firm-firm will suit you regardless of your sleeping position. 

On the flip side, if you are a very lightweight person under 130lbs, you will feel the exact opposite compared with a plus-sized person. Sounds confusing right? Well, heavy sleepers may take a look into Spectra Orthopedic Double-Sided. Either way, check reviews and Q&A to get a certain idea about the firmness considering your weight. 

One more thing about the firmness, general people most of the time make mistakes by using firmness and support interchangeably. Well, firmness means how soft the surface is while support means how much load it can take and how good it distributes body weight. Speaking of support, an innerspring mattress gives more support than a typical foam mattress which is why we recommended an innerspring mattress for back pain relief. 

What Mattress Is Best For Your Back?

Which mattress type will be best for your back
Which Mattress Type will be Best for Your Back

After analyzing a lot about back pain and some mattresses, yet you might be confused about the type of mattress you want. To clear that we have this section for you. Before going into the mattress types, remember, almost all mattresses can provide support and cushion surfaces but each has different advantages and disadvantages. Ask yourself, apart from the support, what else you want?

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are very well-known for pressure point relief. Also, they tend to last longer. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses hug the sleepers. Reduced motion transfer helps couples to sleep well on this type of bed. What about the disadvantages?  

  • They restrain heat, you are prone to sweat at night.
  • The whole mattress is made out of chemical, health issues. 
  • Some people complain about less support.
  • Edge support is not good also.

Innerspring Mattress 

Innerspring mattresses are well known for their bounciness and high support. Innerspring mattresses are breathable, you will sleep cooler. These mattresses are affordable, a tight budget is not a problem. What are the cons?

  • Springs are noise potential. 
  • Low-quality springs sag fast.
  • Spring mattress transfer motion, although pocketed coil technology has reduced a lot.

Hybrid Mattress 

A hybrid mattress is a combination of memory foam and innerspring mattress, thus it has the solution of all problems that described above. Nothing is free from demerits though, neither hybrid mattress.

  • These mattresses are also noise potential,
  • Hybrid mattresses are typically pricey compared with other types.
  • Lastly, these mattresses tend to be heavier. 


FAQ of best innerspring mattress for back pain sufferers

Is an innerspring mattress good for back pain?

That depends on the materials used in the certain mattress. Any type of mattress which provides adequate support and a comfortable surface is good for back pain. Spring structure tends to provide more support while memory foam hugs the body with a comfortable surface.

Hence, an innerspring mattress is good for back pain. However, before buying an innerspring mattress, note that it has some drawbacks such as its noise potential.

How many springs should a good mattress have?

Well, spring count has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress. Two mattresses having the same number of coils may differ in firmness. However, around one thousand or more pocketed coils are considered to be more balanced. 

What is the best coil gauge for a mattress?

The coil gauge is a scale to determine how thick the coils are. Coil gauge in general ranges from 13-15. Comparatively, a lower coil gauge means that these coils are thicker and firmer.

Does an innerspring mattress need a box spring?

The need for a box spring depends on some of your demands. You need a box spring with your innerspring mattress when:

Your mattress warranty requires a box spring.
Your mattress is double-sided, it protects the mattress.
You need a higher bed than your mattress.
You need more support and a bouncy feel.

Are box springs obsolete?

Actually, they are! Box springs were invented when mattresses were quite thinner. Nowadays the mattress market has become very competitive and mattress brands are upgrading their products. That said, most mattresses are more supportive and higher than before. Hence, box springs are considered an unnecessary cost.


We sleep to take a rest and refresh our bodies. Sometimes, however, our mattress doesn’t like it and ruins our day by causing back pain. But we can simply eradicate this trouble from our life by having a good night’s sleep. 

Well, choosing the right mattress is the way to go. So, we tried to present you with the best innerspring mattress for back pain. If you find this article helpful, let others know how it helped you by commenting. 

Happy Sleeping!

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