Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers- Our Top 5 Pics [2021]

Being a heavy side sleeper it is burdensome to purchase a comfortable but supportive mattress. It is so confusing to select one since different mattresses come with different advantages. 

You don’t have that time to research manufacturers’ terms given in the product description, which sometimes laymen struggle for. So, based on what you need such as cool night sleep, contouring capacity, and high support, etc, we have opted for the 5 best mattresses for heavy side sleepers.

In this article, we tried to give you explained information about each mattress. Depending on your priority and budget, select one that fits you well. 

5 Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers


Product Name

Amazon Ratings


Zinus Hybrid Mattress


Titan Hybrid Mattress


Avenco Hybrid Mattress


Classic Brands Hybrid Mattress


Inofia Queen Mattress


Zinus 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress 

Zinus Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Zinus Gel Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most common complaints from heavy people is sleeping hot. That said, Zinus 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress might be a good solution for a heavy person like you or your partner. Individually wrapped coils by default let proper airflow inside the mattress while the gel memory foam layer absorbs heat and moisture. 

This Zinus mattress has a 1.5-inch gel memory foam mattress which, apart from keeping cool, enhances the responsive feature of the mattress. Besides, this mattress has 1.5inch ViscoLatex foam that makes the mattress quick responsive.

Attention heavy couples, if you guys are a fan of more bouncy feelings while doing night time activities, check out Zinus 14-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress. The difference between these two mattresses is an additional 1.5-inch ViscoLatex foam layer. While it increases responsiveness, it also provides more cushioning support. 

Speaking of cushioning support, at the top of this mattress has 1.25 inches of soft comfort foam that allows the mattress to contour around the body. Regardless of being a firm mattress, this mattress is not rock hard due to these comfort layers and other foam layers. According to the customers, it perfectly aligns the spine and relieves pressure points. 

Side sleepers are more concerned about pressure point reliefs and back pain. Good news for you folks, 7.5 inch individually wrapped coils helps the mattress to conform to the body. Other than that, it provides maximum support for heavy people, up to 500lbs on a queen size mattress. Nevertheless, this mattress has three variants regarding height, 10 inches being firmest.

This mattress arrives at the doorstep in a box. Easy to install, unbox, and unroll. However, since this mattress is firm, it doesn’t work with an adjustable frame. Nothing to worry about the quality of this bio-foam hybrid mattress. It is Certi-Pur-us certified and comes with 10-years of warranty.

Brooklyn Bedding Titan 11-Inch TitanFlex Hybrid Mattress 

Titan Hybrid Mattress
Titan Hybrid Mattress

One mattress, but the solution for each problem that a heavy side sleeper may encounter. Let’s explore one by one.

Starting with the heat issue, Brooklyn Bedding Titan 11-Inch TitanFlex Hybrid Mattress features two foam layers at the top which are 1″ gel memory foam layer and 2″ layer of TitanFlex foam. We already know how gel memory foam works regarding heat issues, let’s talk about TitanFlex foam.

Well, it contains titanium particles which creates a pathway for heat dispersion. While the gel memory foam layer absorbs body heat, it ensures the flow throughout the mattress. On the plus side, its spring construction emphasizes the temperature control of this mattress. 

On the other hand, TitanFlex foam also features pressure point relief and high responsiveness. It works more like latex foam, however, it costs less than latex foam. Along with a gel memory foam layer and individually encased coils, this mattress provides enhanced responsive supports. If you move frequently this mattress is for you since it conforms to the body and responds quickly.

Individually encased coils and 2″ of high-density base foam offer full support, without sagging issue, for heavy side sleepers. Same as the product description, most of the buyers have reported this mattress being firm and perfectly supportive for plus-sized people, 300lbs plus. 

Nevertheless, when your partner weighs much less than you, let’s say, under 150lbs, this mattress will be firm for him/her. If that’s the case, contact the store, they’ll serve a topper. This service is a lifesaver for many couples. Furthermore, this mattress doesn’t transfer motion. Altogether, it’d be a better option for couples. 

See, it offers every solution for heavy side sleepers, but are worried about the quality? Well, Brooklyn Bedding is an American brand that offers 120 nights free trial. Besides, this bed in a box comes with 10 years of warranty. Overall, this mattress is not harmful, Certi-Pur-us certified.

Avenco 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress 

Avenco Hybrid Mattress
Avenco Hybrid Mattress

Heavy side sleepers are prone to back pain unless they have a mattress that provides adequate support along with proper spinal alignment. What if I present you today a mattress that features specialized zone support? 

Well, Avenco 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress has 5 zones independently pocketed coils that ensure your body weight is evenly distributed. Also, this feature allows the mattress to contour around the mattress effectively. 

With the help of HD foam layer above coils, by relieving pressure points it makes sure you say goodbye to back pain, customary opinions say so. This is a firm mattress, however, not a rock hard mattress like some cheap firm mattresses on the market. 

Speaking of the contouring feature, gel memory foam at the top increases responsiveness with the help of pocketed coils. High responsiveness isolates motion transfer which is a plus side for couples. Also, this feature offers combo sleepers an enjoyable night.

Lastly, Avenco 12 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress is a breathable mattress with cooling technology. This mattress is covered with stretch knit modal fabric and has a gel memory foam layer at the top which keeps the surface cooler. The unavoidable issue for heavy people like you.

This mattress is compatible with all bases and frames. It comes in a box and easy to install. Buy with confidence, this mattress is Certi-Pur-us certified. Furthermore, they provide 10 years of support with 100 nights free trial. 

Classic Brands Gramercy Hybrid 14-Inch Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Classic Brands Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress
Classic Brands Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress

Hey big guy, are you looking for cloudlike comfort on a hybrid mattress being a side sleeper? If yes, Classic Brands Gramercy hybrid 14-inch euro pillow top mattress is for you. 

This mattress is six foam layers above the base spring layer. At the top, it has a 1-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam which is followed by  0.25 inch over 0.5-inch comfort foam, the second layer of 1-inch Gel Memory Foam, and two layers of 2 inches of comfort foam, and .75 inch of comfort foam.

Two comfort layers underneath the top layer provide a cushioning surface while the other two comfort layers work with the base layer. Comfort layers help reduce the impacts of partners’ movement by reshaping. It also helps the mattress to contour around the body.

Since heavy sleepers tend to sleep hot, they need a breathable mattress including cooling technology. This mattress features a quilted euro-top knit cover which is breathable, besides, this mattress has a corded edge design. Two gel memory foam layers keep absorbing body heat while the spring layer ensures proper airflow, and with the combination of these three layers, heat dissipates from the bed through corded edges. Thus, it offers cooler nights for heavy sleepers.

Lower back pain is a regular issue for side sleepers due to an inappropriate mattress. Well, as we already described how this mattress conforms to the body, you might be thinking, “Ok, but will it provide enough support?”. The answer is yes. It is constructed with 13 gauge individually wrapped coils, that said, it gives firm support albeit it has a softer surface.

Sometimes, when a partner moves frequently, it becomes hard to sleep peacefully. Thick foam layers above the spring reshape faster while individually wrapped coils isolate the motion. As a result, couples can sleep with no disturbance. 

This mattress is Certi-Pur-us certified. Besides, it arrives at your doorstep in a box that means easy to set up. Lastly, this mattress is backed by a 10-years of warranty. 

Inofia Queen Mattress 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Inofia Hybrid Mattress
Inofia Hybrid Mattress

Don’t underestimate our last choice. Do you want to save some bucks on a mattress? Well, who doesn’t, stick with Inofia Queen Mattress 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress then.

It has multi-layers of foam so that you don’t feel the coils. There are three pressure-relieving comfort layers above the coils, but each is different. The first foam layer is pretty soft which features a softer surface. Other two help to relieve pressure points. 

However, the spring layer of this mattress is divided into seven zones. Under the shoulder and hip, comparatively sturdy coils are placed so that big guys don’t sink. And it works, customers provided positive signs on that. 300lbs plus i.e., plus-sized people reported this mattress as medium-firm, firmness varies with weight. Hence, you being a heavy side sleeper can sleep well on this mattress. 

Multi comfort layers and zoned coil construction made this mattress more efficient in motion isolation than other mattresses. Since this mattress doesn’t sag, your lightweight partner is not likely to roll over you or vice-versa. 

This mattress is firm, provides cushion support and all, but it doesn’t have a gel memory foam layer. Well, nothing to worry about, as this mattress features a double layer of knitted cover which is extremely breathable. Besides, under the topmost layer, it has a convoluted foam layer and dua; cool fiber foam layer which controls heat by keeping proper airflow. Hybrid construction is a plus point regarding heat dispersion.

This special cover has a fireproof foam layer, however, all of the materials are Certi-Pur-us certified. Not everyone has the same taste, keeping that in mind, Inofia offers a 101-night hassle-free trial. This mattress comes in a box with a 10-years warranty.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For A Heavy Person?

Different people tend to follow different approaches to buy a mattress. However, there are some fundamental things you need to check as a heavy side sleeper. Let’s go through this one by one, and at the end, we’ll narrow down our preferences.

how to choose the best mattress for heavy side sleepers
Buying Guide of Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

Mattress Type

The first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of purchasing a mattress, how many types of mattress are there? The answer is, there are many types of mattresses in the market, however, today you need to know about four main types of mattresses: Hybrid mattress, Innerspring mattress, Memory Foam mattress, and Latex mattress. We will explain what they can offer you.

  • Memory Foam Mattress- Memory foam mattresses are one of the most common mattresses on the market. Depending on various firmness, a memory foam mattress can be either very soft or very firm. These mattresses are well known for relieving back pain, and other pains that come from a mattress, which is the biggest advantage for a side sleeper like you. Also, they are relatively more durable than coil mattresses.

Despite providing the two most valuable features why we didn’t recommend a single memory foam mattress? In terms of a heavy sleeper, memory foam mattresses provide hot nights. Also, in most cases, this type of mattress fails to provide the adequate support that a heavy sleeper needs. As a result, you’re prone to on the memory foam mattress.

  • Latex mattress- Latex is a natural version of memory foam. This type of mattress will keep you cool at night, unlike a memory foam mattress. 

Latex mattresses are great responsive which means you’ll get the bouncy feeling. But, sometimes, this extra bounciness may cause problems such as poor motion isolation, and a lightweight partner will roll over the heavy partner.

  • Innerspring mattress- Unlike a foam mattress, either memory foam or latex, innerspring mattresses have a perfect supportive base layer. You’re not likely to sink despite being a plus-sized person. This mattress also provides zone support and edge support whereas foam mattresses are poor at these.

Since an innerspring mattress has a thin comfort layer, it fails to provide cushion support for a long time. Furthermore, it fails to relieve pressure points which makes innerspring mattresses worse for side sleepers like you.

  • Hybrid mattress- Let’s talk about the best mattress for heavy side sleepers i.e., hybrid mattress. Perhaps, you already have noticed that we recommended only hybrid mattresses for heavy side sleepers. Disclaimer alert, if you fail to choose the right hybrid mattress, we don’t take responsibility.

So what makes a hybrid mattress the best among all four types. From above we have seen that these mattresses are poor at providing support, relieving pressure points, reducing motion transfer, or keeping cool.

Well, since the hybrid mattress is a combination of both memory foam and an innerspring mattress, it solves all these problems at once. However, if you buy a cheap, under 300-400 USD, one of your hybrids will not serve as we are discussing, be aware of that. 


You do realize that selecting a mattress type is not enough, don’t you? There are a bunch of different materials used in the making of a mattress. You ought to check the following materials before making a purchase. 

  • If you tend to sleep way too much hot at night, consider a gel memory foam hybrid mattress. You will get the maximum cooling capacity of a mattress. Also, the great responsiveness of gel memory foam helps to relieve pressure points.
  • If you need a more bouncy feel than most gel memory foam hybrid mattresses, consider a mattress that includes a latex foam layer.
  • To reduce motion transfer, choose individually wrapped coil construction. Besides,  individually wrapped coil construction sometimes features zoned support which would be a plus point for side sleepers.
  • Breathable covers let air dissipate from the mattress.


The firmness of the mattress varies from person to person. Since you’re a plus-sized person, soft firmness is out of our discussion. On the firmness scale, 1 being the softest while 10 being the firmest, 6-8 or medium firm would be a good way to go. However, 6 sometimes turned out to be too soft for heavy sleepers.

A firm mattress with thick comfort layers can provide optimum support with a cloudlike feel. Here’s a tip for you, check customer reviews before purchasing since there might be exceptions depending on the manufacturer.

Cooling Technology 

Throughout the reviews, we focused on the temperature control of each mattress. Hey big guy, we feel you, you sleep hotter than the most average-weight people. 

A hybrid mattress with a breathable cover is enough to keep a person cool, nevertheless, we would recommend you a gel memory foam mattress which is more efficient in temperature control. 

Edge Support

The memory foam mattress is poor at edge support whereas hybrid by default is a better option, in fact, any coil construction provides better edge support. However, it’s not mandatory unless you sit on the edge frequently or you sleep on the edge.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For A Heavy And Light Couple?

The problem arises when a couple has a big weight difference between them. The lightweight person is prone to roll over the heavy partner, also feel each movement of the partner, huge disturbance. How do you solve it?

Well, if that’s the case, choose a mattress that is good in motion isolating. A thicker comfort layer with individually wrapped coils would be a better way to go. No one will feel the movement of the partner. If the mattress doesn’t sag, no question of rolling over arises.

Furthermore, another problem this type of couple encounter and that is the firmness paradox. As I mentioned earlier, firmness varies depending on weight. Most likely the lightweight partner will find it too firm, in this case, an extra topper would be a solution.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Heavy Couples?

If you have a plus-sized partner, maybe there will be no problem regarding firmness, but there are other problems to be solved. You will need a little bit more investment in purchasing a mattress than an average weight couple.

When two persons are oversized, chances are, the mattress will sag, will fail to provide adequate support. I have to say, average mattresses in the market are not for you guys. Cheap mattresses don’t offer quality materials for high support, also they tend to wear out sooner. 

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers?

The sleeping position determines what firmness level you need. A side sleeper needs a medium-firm mattress that will relieve pressure points and conform to the body shape. 

Since you’re a heavy side sleeper, normal medium-firm mattresses out there will feel soft to you. Over 250lbs people should go with a firm mattress. However, some mattresses are rock hard and that too is not good for you. A mattress that has a thicker spring construction will support you and a thicker comfort foam layer will give a cozy feeling.

Best Mattress For Heavy Combo Sleepers

What if you’re a side sleeper yet move the position every now and then during slumber? You need a great responsive mattress that regains its shape as soon as you move your body. We have recommended some mattresses that have responsive materials like gel memory foam layer and latex foam layer.


FAQ of best mattress for heavy side sleepers

Is a hybrid mattress good for a heavy person?

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of both memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses. While the memory foam part provides cushioning support and relieves pressure points, the innerspring part provides high support and keeps consistent airflow. Hence a hybrid mattress is the best for a heavy person

What is the coil gauge in a mattress?

The coil gauge is a term to express the thickness of the coils that are used in the making of a certain mattress. In general, you’ll see 13-15 gauge coils in the market, 13 being the thickest. The thicker coils are, the more supportive they will be. 

What is the best mattress for a 300 pound person?

Probably Brooklyn Bedding Titan is the best mattress for a 300-pound person. It is designed to be capable of supporting 500lbs without being sagged. 


Looking for a suitable mattress on the internet without any prior knowledge is backbreaking. Today we selected the 5 best mattresses for heavy side sleepers, also explained each so that you can anticipate which one you need and why.

While making a purchase, remember what you need and your budget. Disclaimer alert, low-quality mattresses come at low prices. 

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