how do hotels make their beds so comfortable

How do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable – Ultimate Guide

If you are either a traveler or a businessman, chances are, you have experienced a heavenly sleep in a fancy hotel.

You are back at home, now your favorite bed feels like concrete, right? So, you are wondering how do hotels make their beds so comfortable? The good news is, you can recreate that luxury bed at home. 

Together, we will explore step by step, “why are hotel beds so comfortable?”. Trust me, it won’t cost you a fortune nor a bucket of sweat.

Keep it White

The white color of the bedding seems to provide the most magnificent hotel mattress vibe. Most of the high-end-hotels use white color linens.  This color seems quite meditative and gives almost a spa-like calming feeling.

According to Erin Hoover, vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton, “People thought a room had been renovated, even if it was just the bed that had been changed. It had a huge impact.” Westin hotel designers found an outlandish trend in how much white color is demanded during their famous heavenly-bed testing.

Are you like Monica from friends (sitcom)? In case, you are a crazy cleaner like her, stick to the white first of all; cause it’s quite easy to clean with bleach.

Sheet cannot be shit

You have chosen the color, now, you might be questioning, what bed sheets do hotels use?

Luxurious hotels typically use 300-thread Egyptian percale sheets. Egyptian cotton and percale weave make a sheet softer, stronger, and more comfortable. Are you a fan of crispy breathable sheets? Well, no doubt, you badly need this one, Egyptian cotton especially.

On the other hand, if you are more of a silky smooth sheet lover than we recommend you choose sateen sheets instead of Egyptian cotton sheets or percale sheets.

 Small reminder: Since Egyptian cotton sheets are used by most of the luxurious hotels, you guess, they will cost more than a typical bed sheet. 

Hotels use a particular sheet set-up method that is overlooked by most of the general people.

Maybe you’ve already noticed that the fitted sheet is missing. Well, they use two flat sheets instead. How? They tuck one flat sheet with hospital corners, and the other one they leave underneath the comforter. This method ensures no annoying wrinkles and also provides a smooth and crispy feel.

Two flat sheets, made of luxurious Egyptian cotton, on the bed! Could that be any more like hotel bed sheets?

Cloudy feel: Comforter

Perhaps, at some point, you have already tried the sheet that hotels use, in their process. Yet, still wondering, how to make your bed feel like a cloud?

You are not missing comforter, are you? This is what makes hotel beds extra fluffy and cozy. The good news is, a comforter at an affordable price should provide you a truly heavenly hotel bed feel.

To add the cherry on top, you can go for a mattress pad. A mattress pad will give you extra cushioning and various other benefits.

Secret: to get an ultra-sumptuous hotel bed feel, consider buying a comforter wider and longer than your mattress.

The imperial hotel down pillow

No wonder, you have noticed a bunch of attractive pillows on the hotel bed; apparently, thinking about how many you should buy? Well, frankly speaking, you don’t need that many pillows, rather you find the type of pillow that suits you well regarding different aspects.

However, five-star hotels mostly use three types of pillows; such as Goose (feather) down pillows, down alternative, and feather/down blend pillows.

Don’t forget to toss euro shams which are ideal for propping up, whether you like to work or read books sitting on the bed. Euro shams are pretty common in the hotels, so, these will build a gorgeous look also.

 Small tip: Try not to use a pillow cover which has a zip in it, because it may irritate you during your slumber. 

Source of pleasure: Mattress

A mattress is primarily responsible for the comfy feeling you are looking for right now, and this is where you invest most to recreate a hotel bedroom.

No wonder you’re concerned, “Where do hotels get their beds from?”. Typically, high-end-hotels use custom mattresses based on their customer service; yet, most of the distinguished hotels use innerspring mattresses or hybrids for extra features. Innerspring mattresses are available online at an affordable price, no worries dude.

We highly recommend you choose a mattress considering your health condition and other factors, for instance, firmness level, breathability, etc. It’s obvious, You should not buy a mattress mimicking a hotel that you’ve visited yesterday.

Pro tip: Sprinkle baking soda on your bed, periodically, and vacuum after that. This practice will prolong the longevity of your mattress and amenities.

how do hotels make their beds so comfortable

Create your own hotel bed

Recreating a hotel bedroom at home is nothing like building a rocket engine, neither a huge costly project.


As we mentioned earlier, only one thing they do differently is sheet setup. They don’t use fitted sheets, rather they use two flat sheets with the help of hospital corners. Apart from this, ease depends on the bedding materials that we talked about earlier.


Do you already have a usable mattress? Don’t bother cause you don’t have to buy a new one. You can still recreate it in a hotel bed. How about a comforter? It will provide you with the cloudy feeling that you experienced in the hotel.


You see, it’s not that lengthy to recreate a hotel bedroom, is it? Then, why would you reserve your fancy feeling for another trip? What are you waiting for, transform your home into a hotel, will ya?

Leave a comment below, let us know how’d your mission go!

Happy sleeping!

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