How to fix a sagging mattress with plywood

Learn How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood In Three Steps [2021]

We know sagging is a great sign to switch the mattress. From our point of view, this ain’t a solution considering how much a mattress can cost. Saggy mattresses can be fixed easily which will extend the considerable longevity of a mattress. This raises the question, so how to fix a sagging mattress?

Well, there are various ways to fix a mattress. You can use a plywood for sagging mattress! Fixing a sagging mattress with plywood is a precious help as it doesn’t cost much and doesn’t need a big effort either. Let’s figure out how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood.

In this advanced world, we don’t really get enough time every day to sleep for more than seven hours, do we? Yet we want to lie down on the bed where we get ultimate rest and comfort. 

What if, the mattress causes you several health problems, for instance, pressure point pain, back pain, or headache. Well, they are common problems. Don’t think yet that you aged pretty well, nor your mattress. It happens when you sink on your bed while sleeping. Technically, it is called sagging and you can fix it.

Why Do Mattresses Sag?

There are some reasons why your mattress might sag after a certain time. One thing you should remember, it doesn’t matter how expensive your mattress is, it is likely to sag, perhaps it will sag after the cheaper one. Wise people say, finding the reason for the problem is a half solution. So, let’s take a closer look at the causes.

Old Box Spring

A box spring is one of the most significant materials of the bed yet it is often overseen. If a particular area of the box spring gets broken, the mattress will sag, and that’s a common phenomenon. You can check simply by asking a child to walk on the bed. 

Replacing a spring box won’t cost much compared to a mattress. A weakened spring box will bring discomfort only. Hence, it’s better to repair with plywood under mattress or replace the frame before the mattress gets in worse condition.

Moreover, if you don’t even use a foundation your mattress won’t get enough support that means it may encounter premature wear out by sagging. A mattress is designed to be most comfortable when resting on a foundation.

 Small tip: In most cases, sagging in a comparatively new mattress is caused by the box spring. 

Sleeping Frequently In A Certain Area

Apparently, sleeping in a particular area is notably responsible for sagging. When you sleep in the same area frequently for a long time, the comfort layer of that area deteriorates, in other words, it gets sagged. 
If you are a back sleeper, for example, most likely you will see the shape of your shoulder on the bed after a long time. This will cause you high discomfort and health problems as well. Rotating the mattress can be a handy solution in this case. There’s an ongoing debate about “how often you should rotate your mattress?”. We recommend you rotate once in three months. However, if it is a flippable mattress, flip it every now and then.

 Small tip: Change your sleeping area every now and then. 

Poor Maintenance 

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, your mattress needs a proper rotation circle, proper distribution of body pressure. If you don’t take care of the bed, possibly you will regret it when indents reveal on the mattress. You need to check the sink level properly so that it doesn’t get worse once you find indents.

Poor Quality Of The Mattress

It goes without saying, the quality of a product is proportional to its expense. But it doesn’t mean cheap mattresses are that bad. But, some unscrupulous businessmen provide low-quality materials in mattresses that cause sagging.

 Small tip: You should check out reviews before making a purchase. We reviewed some best memory foam mattresses under 500 USD for you. 

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress With Plywood

perfect bed means perfect sleep

How To Fix Sagging Mattress With Plywood?

Place plywood between the mattress and bed frame. All you need are strong arms and plywood, you might need an assistant. There are a lot of ways to fix sagging, fixing with plywood is one of the most convenient methods you can follow.

Plywood for a sagging mattress will give you new mattress level comfort although it is quite a temporary solution. Besides, you should keep in mind that not every mattress cannot be fixed with plywood. I’m afraid you cannot fix your innerspring mattress, water bed, or air mattress with plywood.

In three steps you will know how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood!

Step 1 

First thing first, you have to measure the depth of the dip on your mattress. That’s pretty easy to do. You need to grab a ribbon to measure the depth.

Step 2

Now, it’s time to set plywood. Well, buy or use a plywood ¾ inch or thicker than this; otherwise, your plywood will fail to provide adequate support, it may break.

Then cut the plywood according to the size of your mattress, but remember to cut in a somewhat reduced dimension.

Step 3

After cutting accordingly, place the mattress on plywood. It will solve the sagging problem. In case, it doesn’t work, you can try putting small pieces in certain sagging areas. It will change the softer area into a firmer like the rest of the mattress. And, if sagging feels in the middle after placing plywood you should double the plywood which will provide more support.

Drawbacks of plywood

Nothing comes without demerits, nor does plywood under the mattress. Less air circulation under the mattress brings extreme problems instead of solving the sagging problem. Especially when you are living in humid area mildew grows on plywood. As we mentioned earlier in this article that fixing saggy mattresses with plywood is a makeshift solution, after using plywood for a long time mildew starts softening the mattress. If the mattress is old then mildew grows worse.

Will Plywood Help A Sagging Mattress?

Drawbacks of plywood must have made you think again, will plywood help a sagging mattress?. Well, it will. However, it is a temporary solution. If your bed frame is somewhat damaged, or due to long-term use indentation shows up, plywood will give you instant relief. Besides, it strengthens the frame. 

Other Alternatives To Plywood

Mattress Topper

A mattress topper provides extra cushioning and adjusts firmness throughout the bed. Mattress topper has different types based on materials and thickness. We recommend you buy at least a 4-inch thick topper.

But, if you tend to feel hot during sleep and consider a breathable topper.

Mattress Helper

We would encourage you to buy a mattress helper instead of a mattress topper; in case, your bed has more valleys than peaks. Helpers go under your bed and that’s where it is different from a topper. On the plus side, it works better for innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

 Small tip: a pillow can save you instantly since it is not supposed to go underneath the mattress; thus, it cannot be a solution like plywood. 


Since indentation causes some serious health problems, we suggest you take action asap. Plywood under a mattress is good for back pain. So, it is more advantageous than any other fixing method. Let’s assume you are good to go. And, get your mattress fixed as you know now how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood.

Happy sleeping!

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