How To Fold Intex Air Mattress In Step-By-Step Process

They advertise that storing an air mattress is one of the best features of this type. But what’s it like being not familiar with how to fold Intex air mattress?

Pretty troublesome, right? We feel you, not everyone is a DIY expert. So here we are with an in-depth explanation of how to fold an air mattress.

Starting the process with deflating the mattress. But can you do that?

Do You Know How To Deflate An Air Mattress?

To fold your air bed, you must know how to deflate it first. So, now we will go through the deflation process of an air mattress. Deflation is the fairly easiest step in this whole process. 

Most of the air beds have two valves, some might have more than two valves, one for inflation and one for deflation. However, all you need to do is open the valves and let the air out itself. 

Before, deflating check the following steps:

  • Place the mattress on an even surface which helps to release air more efficiently.
  • Make sure your mattress is naked, or else the bedding will interrupt proper deflation.

What if you possess an Intex air mattress that has an electric deflation process? No worries, we got you covered.

How To Deflate An Intex Air Mattress?

  1. Open the compartment cover of the Intex air mattress where the line cord will be found. 
  2. Find the AC line cord and insert it into an electrical socket.
  3. Move the control dial counterclockwise until you find the arrow points to the deflation mark(↑).
  4. Press “I” to switch ON. 
  5. When the airbed is fully deflated, press “O” to switch OFF. 
  6. Move the control dial fully clockwise. 
  7. Now it is time to detach the plug from the wall socket and put it back safely inside the cord compartment. Make sure the power cords are free of twist, kink, and knot while closing the cover.

Prepare To Fold And Roll

Once you have deflated the mattress, you start preparing it to fold and roll. First, spread it evenly on the surface, if you haven’t while deflating. 

Pick a clean surface that is free from any sharp objects. Sharp objects are the potential to damage your mattress. Not even a patch kit will help you, nor the warranty of the mattress. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, clean the place thoroughly before spreading out your bed.

After placing the deflated air bed on an even and clean surface, you will notice some uneven places on it. Well, it’s the air. At this point, you will have to use your hands to make it exactly flat. With your hands, gently smooth out the wrinkles. Don’t skip this step if you want to fold your mattress like a pro.

Note that, while using hands, get rid of your pieces of jewelry. Also, don’t wear any clothes with spikes that may damage your bed. All kinds of jewelry and spikes of the cloth are damage potential.

How To Fold An Air Mattress

We will explore one simple process to fold an air mattress which, also, will answer how to fold Intex air mattress.

Well, before diving into that, make sure you have evened out the wrinkles and there’s no air left in the mattress. Leftover air will not let you fold properly. 

First, fold in half by matching corresponding edges. Depending on size, it may vary. If you have a king or queen size bed, you may need to fold thrice. However, to get a better idea about it, know the dimension of the space where you’ll store the mattress.

Keep in mind that sharp folding will cause early damage, hence, fold loosely. Furthermore, first, take the long side (follow the figure). 

Then, take any side you wish, and fold it in one-third. Make sure the compartment for air circulation i.e. the pump is placed in the middle. Afterward, take the other side and fold. That’s it, you have folded the mattress properly, congratulations!

Roll Your Air Mattress

If you have an air mattress for camping, you may not want to fold instead of roll. It’s easier and more comfortable to walk with a rolled mattress. 

Rolling an air mattress is effortless. After deflating properly, start rolling from the foot side. Unlike fold, roll the mattress sharply, in other words, tightly so that it takes up bigger space. The smaller the better to carry.

Once rolling out is finished, fix it in that position. You can use anything like a shoelace unless it has pointy edges.

Store Your Air Mattress To Use Again

It is good to know how to fold an air mattress but it is a must to know how to store an air mattress.

You will have to put your folded or rolled air mattress either in a sealed container or in a storage bag. Almost all the air beds including the Intex air mattress come with a storage bag. After putting it in a safe container or bag, put it in the closet or storage room as you wish. 

You cannot just throw it in the storage bag i.e., it cannot be stored in an exposed condition. Note that, before storing, make sure the mattress and the storage bag are dry and clean.

Why Is It So Important?

I will give you a simple explanation of why you need to know how to store an air mattress. 

We already know, most of the air beds are made of PVC and vinyl, or these types of materials. These plastic-based materials are vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity. In this case, if an air mattress is stored in exposed condition, it is most likely to get damaged sooner. Therefore you need to store your air mattress carefully to use again.


I hope now you’re feeling like a DIY expert being familiar with how to fold an air mattress. Even though you’ve already halfway through destroyed your air mattress already, start storing it properly today.

Are you new to the air mattress? Buying the best air mattress is not enough for long usage, keep this article bookmarked for later. 

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