How to Save Mattress From Bed Bugs – [Proper Guide With Solution]

So you woke with inflamed skin, and were pretty angry at the insects, right? What do you think it was?  

According to the National Pest Management Associations’ survey, bed bugs are the number one pests in America. Well, It’s easy to deduct the culprit, bed bugs. They might be something else, by the way, so you have to make sure it was bed bugs. 

OKAY, whatever it is, don’t throw away your mattress or boxspring yet, because most people make this mistake- clear misconception. 

Now, how to save mattress from bed bugs ? 

In this article, we will try to educate you, how to find bed bugs since they spread all over the apartment, then eradicate them; to add a cherry on the top, we’ll also walk you through the treatment and the prevention.

What are the signs of bed bugs? 

While changing your bed sheet or cleaning your bed, look for bed bugs as they leave some physical signs. 

  • Their solid waste on the bed sheet makes a tiny dark spot, beware of that.
  • You may crush bed bugs unconsciously which will leave a reddish stain on the bed.
  • You may see them walking like rats in your bedroom. They are flattened oval-shaped, almost like an apple seed, and their color ranges from light brown to reddish-brown. They are pretty small in size, around 5 mm long.
  • Emits a musty sweetish odor.
 Small tip: they cluster around food i.e. you, just before dawn and that’s when you can see them for real. 

Where bed bugs hide?

No need to think that they live on your mattress only. As you know, they are very tiny insects so they can hide in any small spaces, e.g. the fold of a curtain.

Here are some places which will point you to bed bugs infestation. Let’s find out bed bugs, shall we?

  • Unlike ants or spiders, they don’t build nests or something for a living. Initially, with the help of credit card width size, they dive into mattress, boxspring, bed frames, in fact, all over the bed, from where they have easy access to food i.e. to people. 

Over time, they spread all over the room, even adjacent rooms or apartments by the way, so you cannot just throw away your mattress or boxspring as an ignorant household would do. 

  • They may hide anywhere where a nano sim card may fit in. However, in spite of their small ass size, they are easy to find since they tend to live in hiding places in groups. 

For instance, in the seams of chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains. in drawer joints or any places like this might be bed bugs hideout.

 Small tip: they hide during day time when you can launch your mission. 

How to get rid of bed bugs fast?

“If you sleep in a different bed, different bedroom, or even on the couch, you could easily make the problem worse.” —Molly Wilson, entomologist, Virginia Tech

It says, don’t just wait, take actions immediately as they multiply their generations within a pretty short time

The above-quoted text also implies getting rid of the mattress is not a solution as by then they spread over other places. You can take the following actions.

Don’t feel mean: With contaminated stuff from outside they entered your house there’s nothing you can do about it. Because bed bugs live on human blood; thus, it cannot be a sign of dirtiness.

Clean your bedding

Their name states they are most likely to be found on the bed or anywhere near the bed. So, the first thing you need to count is your bedding material.

Collect all covers, such as pillowcases, mattress cover, bedsheets, and so forth. Then put them into a plastic bag so that they cannot crawl in again and spread.

Some people tend to clean those at home; however, we recommend cleaning in any laundromat. Telling you why- bed bug-infested materials need to be cleaned properly and also dried properly. Bed bugs die within 20 minutes of exposure to 48 degrees Celsius approximately. 

In the laundromat, you can provide essential heat and space, also you will be able to use more effective industrial chemicals.

Don’t forget to wash washable soft commodities adjacent to bed, e.g. purse.

Clean your mattress with vacuum 

It’s time to do a bigger job, cleaning the mattress. Grab a stiff brush and scrub the whole mattress thoroughly along with the box spring and bed frame. Afterward, don’t put the brush anywhere you want to cause those bugs may stick to the bristles, which will contaminate again later on. Put it in a plastic bag.

And then vacuum the whole mattress for a perfect clean. All seams and folds should be cleaned with vacuum properly as they are likely to hide there. Dump the vacuum garbage bag outside your home, of course, take it outside carefully.

Oh yes, vacuum the whole bedroom floor as well.

 Pro tip: by credit card or something like that push all folds and crack areas, where bugs hide, so that those little criminals expose themselves. 


For further protection, you can keep your mattress and box spring in an enclosure. This encasement won’t let you worry again about bugs again. 

They are engineered properly so that a tiny creature cannot go out or in.

A bed bug can live without eating for months; so, you should keep this encasement for one year, at least.

Bed bugs interceptor

So you have cleaned your mattress and everything. Now, put bed bug interceptors underneath the legs of the bed.

Interceptor is a device based on simple physics. We are concerned that a bed bug cannot fly rather they just climb and scrawl. An interceptor has a slippery vertical surface that doesn’t let a bed bug climb up; on the plus side, bed bugs stick to the device. 

It will help you monitor the infestation of bed bugs.

 Small tip: try getting some chemicals or sprays for better results, you may need some professional advice on that. STRICTLY follow manufacturer’s instruction as those chemicals might be pretty dangerous. 

how to save mattress from bed bugs

Disposal of bed bug infested mattresses

However, still, if you would like to dump your mattress then this section is for you.

In the worst-case scenario, when infestation gets to an extreme stage, professionals suggest ditching the mattress. Or, if you have other issues like sagging or something, you better replace it with a new mattress.

While dumping your mattress, make sure it’s wrapped in a plastic bag so that bed bugs cannot escape. You can put some hazard symbols or posters, meaning it is a deadly bed bug infested mattress.

Prevent further infestation

Have got rid of bed bugs? If yes, then congratulations. However, you still have to prevent future attacks.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the cleanest person in the world or the dirtiest or somewhere in between. If you have blood, they’re coming for you,” said Kelly.

Let’s prevent bed bugs, shall we?

  • Reduce their hiding spot as much as you can, declutter your bedroom.
  • Seal every holes you can find in your room whether it’s small or big.
  • Maintain healthy living, vacuum your bedroom every now and then.
  • Use encasement.
  • When returning from a trip, hotel in particular, make sure you steam your clothes and whatever you had with you there. Heat is their ultimate enemy as they cannot survive in more than 48 degree celsius temperature.
  • You must check for bed bugs when you buy a second hand mattress or bedding furniture. Ethically, one should not sell a bed bug infested mattress.


Bed bugs bite humans as they live on human blood. As a result, you may encounter some health issues which let you sleep peacefully. On the other hand, they spread too fast; so, it’s better to take action ASAP.

You might have the cleanest home on earth, still, you may encounter bed bugs anytime soon. So its nothing to be hidden but to be treated. 

We hope we provided enough information to save your mattress from bed bugs.

Leave a comment please if you have any questions or recommendations, we’d be very glad to hear from you.


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