how long does it take for a memory foam mattress expanding

How Long Does it Take for a Memory Foam Mattress Expanding – Step by Step Guide

After purchasing a new mattress it becomes a common matter of concern, how long does it take for a memory foam mattress to inflate?

A few days ago, I ordered a  new memory foam mattress. The mattress was so thin that I became very disappointed right after unpacking my order. It was ten times thinner from my desired mattress, gross, right? Then I did some research about the inflation process and timing of memory foam mattresses.

Generally, a mattress comes in a compressed rolling pack for convenient shipping. To inflate the mattress in its widespread size, manufacturers recommend waiting for 24-48 hours.  The timing is not fixed for every memory foam mattress. It depends on the foam quality and consumer’s room warmth, mainly.

Let’s explore the details of what actually transpires and what you need to do to inflate your mattress properly. 




How Long Does It Take for a Memory Foam Mattress Expanding 

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the memory foam mattress takes 24-48 hours to expand in its actual size. However, as you may guess, the timing is not constant for every memory foam mattress. For most of the cases, 24 hours is enough to inflate a mattress fully.

The expansion of a mattress mostly depends on individual foam quality. Sometimes it depends on the temperature where you keep it to expand. If the weather remains too cold the expansion process can slow down. By increasing the room temperature, you can accelerate the process. In the next section, you can learn some easy steps that might allow your mattress to expand in a jiffy.

How to Inflate Memory Foam Faster

memory foam mattress expanding

Have you received your parcel and excited to try your desired new memory foam mattress? Don’t be in a rush! It is not preferable to sleep on the mattress right away. You should wait until the mattress inflates fully. Making a few mistakes at the initial time can create a huge obstacle to enjoy the mattress for a long time.

In the FAQ section of this article, you can learn in detail why we are suggesting you wait until the mattress expansion process is completed. It is very important to follow some simple steps at the beginning to enjoy the comfort of a memory foam mattress. Let’s check out those steps one by one.

Step 1: Unpack the Mattress

Generally, the mattress is rolled by a plastic wrap in a box. First, you need to unpack the box and turn the mattress from it. Lay the mattress on the foundation and cut the plastic wrap carefully. Avoid the sharp blade or knife as you may cut through the foam accidentally.  It is better to use your hand to take away the plastic wrap. 

Once you open the mattress it will start to expand immediately. That moment it makes trouble to move the mattress. So, make sure you open the mattress in an open space.

Step 2: Set the Room Temperature

Temperature adjustment is an important factor for memory foam mattress expanding.  Memory foam responds to heat.  In case you purchase your mattress in cold weather, the mattress will take a huge time to inflate fully.  In that situation, heat can activate the expansion process faster.

After laying down the mattress in an open room or on the mattress foundation, increase the room temperature, and let it inflate. Approximately 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is enough to inflate your mattress naturally. Well, after adjusting the temperature wait for a few hours to get a fluffy and comfy mattress on your bed.

Step 3: It’s Time to Be Patient

After receiving a new memory foam mattress, it is very hard to resist the desire from enjoying its feel instantly. But you have to be patient until the expansion process has been completed. Unless you give enough expansion time, your mattress will be unable to inflate its actual size and will stay firm. 

As a result, you will be unable to enjoy the right comfort feel of your desired memory foam mattress. Besides, due to the lack of foam expansion volatile chemical smell and off-gas remain stuck into the mattress. 

It’s gonna be terrible to sleep on a smelly mattress, right? Therefore, it is much better to be patient and enjoy a fluffy cozier mattress for a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, manufacturers recommend waiting  24-48 hours after unrolling a new memory foam mattress. Sometimes the expansion becomes slower or faster as it depends on the foam quality and the room temperature too. 

In general, 24 hours is perfect for the maximum mattress to inflate properly. So, try to hold up your mattress at least 24 hours in free space.

If you notice little bit deflation through the mattress you can apply heat using an iron to inflate it all together. Move the iron very carefully over the mattress and compress the foam where it is deflated. Steam will also be helpful for this process.

Step 4: Make it Ready to Sleep

Is the expanding process completed? Now it’s time to enjoy its feel! Put the mattress on your bed. Cover up with a mattress topper. Organize your pillow and enjoy deep sleep.

A memory foam mattress without blot or contamination can be an inexhaustible source of pure refreshment. Just follow some simple steps, you will get a soft, fluffy cozier space to enjoy your nighttime.

What should you do if  your mattress Does not Expand After Long Time Waiting

It’s natural to take time for a new memory foam mattress expanding. Sometimes it winds up quickly or sometimes it takes a huge time. But overall 72 hours is more than enough to blow up a new mattress. If you have been waiting for 72 hours but still notice deflection in your mattress, it is really unexpected.

In the worst scenario like this, you can try using an iron to inflate it properly as heat makes the expansion process faster. Move the iron back and forth through the memory foam and put pressure on the mattress with iron. Heat release the bond and help to inflate quickly. Do this part very carefully, a little bit of unconsciousness can burn your foam.

Ironing a little part of the mattress where you notice deflection is quite easier. In addition, you can also iron a small mattress like a baby crib mattress comfortably but ironing a whole king or queen size mattress is too difficult. Most importantly using excessive heat throughout the whole mattress can damage the foam material.

So, it is highly suggested that you should observe the mattress precisely. If the mattress seems too thin after 72 hours waiting, it’s better to contact your mattress manufacturer. Make sure you use iron after a long time waiting and when the mattress is almost 70-80% expand.

Ironing is a quick remedy for the expanding process. It won’t be applicable at the initial stage. So, be careful before putting iron heat. A simple mistake can create difficulties for your return policy.


After buying a new mattress, consumers become puzzled with some common issues. In this section, you will get some clear cut answers to those frequent questions.

How Long Can I Store My Mattress in the Box?

You have already received your mattress but you can’t get enough time to open the box. Or Right now your bed is not ready for adjusting the mattress? Naturally, it comes in your mind that how long you can leave it in the box.

You can leave it for 2 months in the box. Your mattress will be okay for 2-3 months while your mattress is compressed and unwrapped in the box. But it is better to unwrap the mattress as soon as possible as we don’t know the packaging time duration exactly. Being rolled and compressed tightly in a vacuum box, mattress foam quality can be damaged.

Does Heat Help Memory Foam Expand Faster?

Yes, it is. Heat impacts a lot to expand memory foam. If the consumer’s room temperature remains cold, the expansion process of the foam can be slowed down. At that time increasing room temperature by a heater or external heat implementation can help to speed up the process.

Heat can decompress the bonding and make it easy to inflate the mattress fully. As a result, the mattress can inflate in the right size.

What Should Do When Memory Foam Mattress Corners Not Expanding?

I faced this problem too. There is a quick remedy here. Plugin your iron heat it for 30-40 seconds and press it from side to side of the mattress. You can see your mattress corners also become fluffy like the rest part of it. Be aware that the heat will not be raised too much. It can burn your foam.

Can You Sleep on a New Mattress After Unpacking It?

No. You shouldn’t do this anymore. Give at least 12-24 hours to expand your mattress then you can sleep on it comfortably. Some mattresses foam quality remain so good and they are able to inflate much quicker than traditional memory foam mattresses. 

If you become sure your mattress expands almost 90%, you can enjoy your sleep on it. Your body heat will help to complete the rest expansion.

Why is It Recommended to Wait 24 Hours Before Sleep?

Almost every mattress manufacturer recommends waiting at least 24 hours before sleeping on a new mattress. This particular time is important for inflating the mattress in its actual size.

Without proper expansion, you cannot enjoy the exact comfort of your memory foam. Moreover, the proper expansion is most important to detect the cracking and splitting of your memory foam layer.

If the mattress is not properly expanded, you will not be able to explore the defect as well. Once you miss the trial period, the manufacturer will not want to cooperate with you.

Another important cause of waiting is to reduce the chemical smell. A memory foam mattress contains various chemical materials. Due to being compressed and wrapped in a vacuum box the chemical smell remains stuck into the mattress. After unwrapping the plastic it needs some couple hours to fade and disappear the strong chemical smell from the mattress. 


Is the above article helpful to get your desired information? If the question is yes, we will happy to know which particular answer helps you? 

In addition, let us know if you have any questions about the mattress and other sleeping accessories. Sleeping fellow team always ready to provide you authentic information.

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