Molblly Mattress Review

Molblly Mattress Review [2021]- Why You Must Try This Budget Mattress?

Buying a mattress means investing a huge amount of money. 

It’s quite confusing to find a quality budget mattress, and we believe you already have gone through it. The good news is, you have done most of your homework and it’s time to go deeper. 

When it comes to choosing the best budget mattress, Molblly Mattress walks in. we both know, there are a wealth of budget mattresses, but why does this particular one suit you? Well, throughout this whole article, you will see an intensive Molblly Mattress Review that will let you know why lots of folks are crazy about this top-class mattress. 

Overview of Molblly Mattress

To provide you an overview, we will walk through a few factors of this mattress such as what it offers, construction, safety, and price. If I want to explain Molblly 14 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress in one breath, it’d be like the best budget mattress with premium quality. 

As the name suggests, this mattress is made out of memory foam layers, and a gel memory foam layer on the top with a breathable jacquard cover to provide a cooler and plush feel. All the components of the mattress are certified and met health standards.

To lessen the doubt about the bed they, give you 10 years of warranty. Furthermore, Molblly mattress is manufactured in the USA. Having an eye on producing a better product, Molblly also aims to keep its products within a reasonable budget range. If you want to relieve aches with a budget mattress, we recommend you to stick with this article.

On the flip side, if heat issue and bouncy feel are your priority, you can try Molblly’s Innerspring mattress.





Let’s have a glance at what 14” gel memory foam mattress offers?

  • Quality mattress at an affordable price.
  • Reduced motion transfer.
  • Adequate support for side sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Comfortable and responsive surface.
  • Cooler nights.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress, certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Molblly Mattress Review

Molblly Gel Memory Foam Mattress


In this section, we will have an in-depth look at Molblly 14 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, step by step.

Step 1: Construction Analysis

The Surface Of The Mattress: Jacquard Cover

This mattress is covered by a soft and breathable jacquard cover. Knitted jacquard fabric tends to last longer. Besides, this fabric reduces allergic reactions which makes this mattress a hypoallergenic mattress. 

The cover is attached with a zipper. You can wash it anytime you want as it is easy to remove. No more worries about the pet’s wastage on the bed, assuming you’re not a pet hater or allergic to pets.

The Topmost Foam Layer: 3” Gel Memory Foam 

To tackle the most common issue of a traditional memory foam mattress, they added a 3-inch gel memory foam layer at the top. 

The gel memory foam layer is another particular type of memory foam mattress infused with gel microbeads. Gel infusion makes the memory foam breathable which tackles the heat restraining issue, the issue we mentioned earlier. 

Furthermore, the gel microbeads increase the density of the foam which makes a mattress surface plush yet provides adequate support so that sleepers don’t sink.

The Comfort Layers: 2” HD Foam And 1” Soft Foam

There are two layers of memory foam underneath the gel memory foam. 2-inch high-density foam supports the body from sinkage. This layer enhances the effectiveness of the conforming nature of the mattress with the help of the topmost layer. It bounces back the body, however, it responds slowly, unlike latex foam, due to its softness and conforming nature. 

One of the best features of a memory foam mattress is pressure relieving. In Molblly 14 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, 1-inch soft foam works as transition foam. When 2” HD foam bounce bank, the one-inch soft foam relieves pressure.

This layer allows a sleeper’s spine to be aligned perfectly. You will say goodbye to back pain, neck pain. For heavy couples, this mattress might not be effective in terms of edge support.

The Support Layer: 8” HD Foam

High density and thicker than traditional base layer makes a mattress more durable and supportive. This Molblly mattress features 8-inch thick high-density foam.

The density of the foam means the weight of the materials per cubic foot. High-density foams tend to be more durable. One thing to remember, some brands use the density of a mattress as the firmness, however, firmness and density cannot be used interchangeably. Manufacturers can make a mattress both plush and firm keeping the same density.

On the flip side, 8-inch HD foam provides support for the whole mattress, also, stabilize other layers. The more thinker, the better. The higher mattress provides extra cushioning support i.e., 14” gel memory foam mattress is more durable and conforming to the body than 10” gel memory foam of a particular brand.


Step 2: Health Issues

Allergic Reaction

Allergy sufferers are prone to have bad slumber, no reason to ignore the fact if you have allergic problems. If your bed is the inhibitor of dust mites, pet dander, mold, and mildew, etc, you are not gonna enjoy one-third of your day. These allergens may cause sneezing, runny nose, coughing, skin irritation, and other allergic reactions. 

The good news is, Molblly mattresses have tackled this issue with their jacquard cover. This mattress is hypoallergenic, that said, allergens are less likely to love this place. Besides, it helps to not react with mattress materials.

Sleeping Hot

Sleeping hot on a memory foam mattress might be a household word, but don’t take it for granted. You might be having disordered sleep because of sweating at night. Maybe you have not thought of your mattress yet, or maybe you’re worried about sleeping hot on this mattress.

Having that in mind, molblly included a 3-inch of gel memory foam layer and a breathable cover. Will you indeed sleep cool on this mattress? Well, people who have a minor issue with hot sleeping should be fine with it. To be honest, if you’re a real hot sleeper, we won’t recommend this mattress for you.

Pressure Point

Despite being infamous for heat restraining, memory foam mattresses are most beneficial at pressure point relieving. When you sleep, your body weight is distributed to certain parts of your body which are called pressure points. Once the mattress fails to shape around the body properly pressure points cause pain in the body.

In this case, as I indicated earlier, our selected mattress does a good performance. When you sleep on this mattress, the mattress cuddles with your body. The gel layer responds to the body, however, you won’t sink as the comfort layer bounces back slowly. Since this mattress will contour fine around your body, your spine will align perfectly. Pressure points will be relieved.


Firmness is the most essential factor for a night of sound sleep, also associated with pressure points. The firmness of a mattress is not constant, that said, you may feel different than me considering our body weight.

Molblly 14 inches Gel Memory Foam Mattress is considered to be a medium-firm mattress, but not for everybody. Average people find this mattress remarkably comfortable, in terms of firmness. 

If you’re a big sized person, more than 300 lbs, and sleep with a partner, you may sink on the mattress. However, people under 250lbs can leverage the best of this mattress.


Every memory foam mattress emits a bad smell once it’s opened. Although, some mattresses emit harmful odors. 

In the present market, almost all the mattresses are CertiPur-Us certified and don’t use harmful chemicals like mercury. Either way, this mattress should not cause any issue with the odor as it is CertiPur-Us certified and harmful chemical substances were not used. 

Step 3: Other Factors


Couples need to consider some specific factors such as weight, motion isolation, sleeping positions.

If you’re both under 200 lbs and both are almost equal in weight, the weight will be distributed evenly. 

However, uneven weight may lead to sagging, also a lightweight partner will roll over the mattress. Memory foam mattress stops motion transfer which is a plus side of the mattress for couples.

The sleeping position also affects couples’ sleeping. If none of you are overweight, medium firmness will work just fine regardless of sleeping position.

Quick Tip: If one of you is lightweight, rotate your mattress every three months to avoid indentation. 


Maintenance of this mattress is quite handy. This mattress offers a zipper cover that is easy to remove.

Pets wastage, drinks, or anything else on the bed can be removed easily.  However, according to your will, you may try a mattress protector or bed sheet. 

If you buy any extra sheets or something, look for a breathable one or else it may ruin the cooling technology of Molblly 14 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Edge Support

Like sleeping hot, a memory foam mattress also is not good for edge support.

There is a slight chance of you rolling out of the bed once you’re on the edge.

Product Size And Installation

This mattress is delivered in a box right into the buyer’s door. The dimension of the box is 56 x 14.1 x 14.1 inches. It’s a lightweight mattress, 79.8 pounds.

Since this mattress comes in a box and is lightweight, it is easy to install. Take scissors, cut the polyethylene and unroll on a certain spot. Manufacturers’ advice to leave it for 48-72 hours to expand fully and dissipate the odor.

Warranty and Return Policy

Buying a mattress means investing a huge amount of money, thus, the warranty cannot be overlooked. You can go for this mattress without worrying about durability as this mattress comes with a 10-years of warranty. 

Most of the buyers are satisfied with this Molblly mattress, however, not all have the same taste. If something doesn’t come according to your expectation, feel free to contact them. 

They offer comprehensive customer service 7 days a week. Note that they didn’t specify the sleep trial facility of this mattress. 


Step 4: Pros And Cons

Pros and Cons of Molblly Mattress


  • Satisfactory mattress at a reasonable price. 
  • Low motion transfer, no disturbance from the partner.
  • Align the spine properly, also relieves pressure point.
  • Cushioning support for side sleepers and back sleepers, you can have pain free slumber.
  • No more sweating at the midnight, cooler sleep experience.
  • Skin-friendly hypoallergenic mattress, certified by.
  • CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.
  • Since no springs were used, this foam mattress is noise-free.
  • You can keep your bed clean always. It is easy to remove the cover with a zipper and the cover is machine washable. 


  • Like most other memory foam mattresses, it provides poor edge support.
  • Not suitable for the very hot sleepers.
  • Slow responsiveness made the mattress unsuitable for combination sleepers.
  • Not appropriate for two big people at once, there might be a risk of sinkage. One big guy, under 350lbs, should be fine with it.

People With Tight Budget

One of the most difficult things to do is finding a budget memory foam mattress with satisfactory quality. Thanks to Molblly, they have got your back if you have a tight budget for the mattress.

Truth be told, mattresses in the moderate budget will not offer as the mattress comes at thousand dollars. For some people, however, that much of luxury is not a concern, and if that’s you, Molblly mattress won’t be a deal-breaker.

How Do You Sleep?

People have different sleeping position preferences. Which sleeping position suits best on Molblly mattress then?

How you will feel like being a particular type of sleeper, e.g. side sleeper, depends on your body weight along with the quality and material of the mattress. 

Stomach Sleeper

This mattress will work just fine if you’re both stomach i.e., front sleeper and lightweight person. The topmost layer of this mattress is a 3’’ gel memory foam layer which provides cushioning support for stomach sleepers. If you, however, weigh more than an average person, most likely you’ll sink. 

Side Sleeper

If not the best, this Molblly mattress won’t be a wrong choice for side sleepers. Extra cushioning support of the mattress let side sleepers sharp angular positioning of hip and shoulder.

Its conforming feature allows proper spinal alignment while the base layer provides adequate support, thus relieves pressure points. It prevents lower back pain, however, you might have back for other health issues, be aware of that.

Back Sleeper

Big back sleepers are prone to sink in the middle of a plush mattress like this Molblly mattress. As I mentioned earlier, your body weight matters, you should be fine sleeping on your back on this mattress unless you’re over 250.

Combo Sleeper

If you switch your position very often at night, I’m afraid this mattress is not for you. Gel memory foam is responsive, overall the mattress will not respond to your body instantly. Memory foam does conform yet slow, thus, combo sleepers may encounter trouble switching their position. 

We would recommend a responsive mattress that has a latex foam layer. For instance, [any latex mattress link]

Why It Might Be The Best Memory Foam Mattress For Couples

First thing first, let’s talk about what problems a couple may face?

  • The most common problem couples face is motion transfer.
  • Secondly, rolling over your partner due to sagging.
  • Last but not the least, different sleeping positions.

To start with, this mattress has 4 distinct foam layers. Among them, the first layer lets the mattress contour around the body while the other two push backs the body and relieves the pressure respectively. This mechanism reduces motion transfer, i.e., helps you sleep better regardless of your partners moving and tossing around

Secondly, since this mattress doesn’t sink unless you’re not an oversized person, and responsive, you will not roll over your partner or vice-versa. This is a common problem in couples who have major differences in weight.

Furthermore, this mattress is plush yet firm enough to provide adequate support, it almost works for sleeping positions. Sounds like this mattress would be a better solution for couples at an affordable price.

Molblly Mattress Instructions

Molblly mattress will be delivered right outside your front door in a box. Take the box where you want to install the mattress. A partner would be a great help for you.

Unbox and unroll the mattress. Manufacturers’ recommendation is to let the mattress up to 72 hours to expand, however, customary opinions say it takes 24 hours to gain full dimensions. We’d still go with manufacturers’ advice, because you need to leave it also for dissipating odor.

After installation, if there’s any defect, instantly contact the brand. They provide customer support 7 days a week. Nevertheless, they don’t offer specific sleep trials. Also, the molblly mattress return policy is not cleared. We suggest you contact them if their product doesn’t satisfy you.

Why Molblly Is A Good Choice?

Why Molblly Mattress is a good choice

From our perspective, it is the best value for money. You get almost all the features you need to have a sound sleep in your budget range- sleeping cool on a memory foam mattress, getting cloudlike feel yet supportive, pressure point relief, you name it. 

What Buyers Are Buzzing About This Mattress?

There are three things customers are mostly buzzing about such as fiberglass, temperature, firmness. We will cover all three topics in this section.

Almost all mattress buyers are concerned about the fiberglass. Does Molblly Mattresses Have Fiberglass? The answer is yes, although they have a removable cover. The good news is, they used fiberglass in the inner cover to protect the mattress from fire. This should not affect you until you remove the inner cover.

Those who want to buy a memory foam mattress, worry about the heat issue. Does Molblly Mattresses Keep Cool?

To answer this question, we have a counter-question for you. How hot you feel at night? If you’re a light hot sleeper, forget about the hot issue on the Molblly mattress. Users have given a positive answer regarding this issue.

People also happy about the comfort and firmness level. If you’re asking yourself, How Firm Is This Mattress For A Plus-sized Person? Here’s the answer.

The 14-inch Molblly mattress is more of a firm mattress for a very lightweight body, however, plus-sized people didn’t complain about the sinkage.

This mattress is soft yet supportive. According to many customers, this mattress relieved their lower back pain.


Which Frame Is Suitable For This Molblly Mattress?

It works better with an adjustable frame. Also, fit on a box spring, wooden slats. Nevertheless, be aware of height, because the mattress itself is 14-inch thick.

Can I Return If I’m Not Satisfied?

Molblly authority suggests you to use a few weeks to adjust to the new bed. They didn’t inform anything clear about the return policy, however, they offer support for unsatisfied buyers. 


So, you’ve come a long way already, here’s the verdict, not all mattress brand can provide these many features at this price. If Molblly 14 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress sounds like you, leverage the opportunity, you won’t regret it. Let us know how you end your mattress buying journey.

Also, if you found this comprehensive Molblly Mattress Review helpful then why not to share it with your friends. Moreover, if you have any thoughts about this review feel free to leave it in the comment section below. We would love to hear from your side.

Happy Sleeping!


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