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10 Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV- Review & Comparison

Sleeping in the car is a great experience whether on a long drive or a date. But with a blanket on the seat! It doesn’t seem a great experience nor comfortable. We both know you’re one step away from the adventure and that is a mattress. 

And you’re confused, which one is the Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV? Well, there’s no specific answer since preferences vary from person to person. We have selected the 10 Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV. Are you ready to invest some money for having an incredible night?

Our Top Picks- 10 Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV

Goplus SUV Air Mattress

Goplus Air Mattress
Goplus Air Mattress

How great that’d be if you get to know an air mattress that fits in most of the car models. Let’s have a look at the Goplus air mattress for sleeping in an SUV. This air mattress comes with multi-functionality and a comfortable flocking surface.

It features 8 Compartments which offers versatile use of this mattress. These eight airbags let you use them in different sizes. For instance, if you are alone going for a long drive you can inflate only half of this mattress. Besides, different car models have different capacities, however, it is customizable to your needs. The dimension of this mattress is 5”x 75”x 48.5” inches (HxLxW)

This mattress is waterproof and easy to wash. The soft comfortable flocked surface is skin-friendly. PVC bottom stitches and double sealed air nozzles ensure airtightness. However, after long usage, this mattress may get cracked and some air may getaway. 

This Goplus air mattress provides an electric pump and storage bag. Take the mattress with you and inflate it wherever and whenever you want. You can customize the firmness along with the size. Since it has 8 separate airbags, it may take a few minutes to inflate fully. According to customers, 600lbs load on this mattress should not be a problem.


  • 8 Separate airbags to inflate at a customized size
  • Soft flocked comfortable surface
  • Comes with electric pump, nozzle set, storage bag, and repair patches
  • The thicker layer works in favor of big people
  • Can be used outside the vehicle, for instance on an outdoor space.


  • It loses air after long usage.

SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed Cushion Pillow

SAYGOGO Air Mattress
SAYGOGO Air Mattress

If you ask, which mattress is the best value for money among these ten mattresses? We would like to present you SAYGOGO SUV air mattress camping bed cushion pillow. It is multi-functional and comes with valuable pieces of equipment.

The most concerning issue before buying a mattress for SUV is size. Will this mattress fit in your SUV? Well, the dimension of this mattress is 70×51.1811×6 inches  (inflated), how much space does your SUV have for the mattress? 

This mattress has 6 separate airbags which you may customize on your will. Nothing to worry about in case your SUV has less space than the dimension of the mattress. The side and the end contain two airbags which you can either inflate or deflate i.e., adjust at your SUV. These 6 compartments take 6-10 minutes to inflate and 6-8 minutes to deflate.

Resilient SAYGOGO SUV air mattress is made of flocking materials. It features a comfortable surface where up to three adults can sleep on it having adequate support. As I mentioned at the beginning it comes with valuable equipment and these are 2*pillow, 1*long pier, 1*air pump, 1*carry bag, and, lastly, a back seat filler. 

It offers a dual pumping facility. When you are at home and want to use it for a balcony you can charge it with a wall adapter. On the other hand, when you’re on car camping, you can inflate with car power.


  • Thicker mattress
  • The length and width are reducible to adjust,
  • Offers 2 pillows and a back seat filler.
  • Suitable for use in outdoor
  • Dual electric pumping option


  • Takes a relatively long time to inflate and deflate. 

Berocia SUV Air Mattress

Berocia Air Mattress
Berocia Air Mattress

Plastic materials are infamous for being not environment-friendly and having health issues since these are chemically synthesized materials. Let’s meet CE RoHS certified Berocia SUV Air Mattress. This mattress is made out of 6P pure PVC materials. Stay worry-free about the health issues or odor.

The durable super comfortable mattress surface is an ergonomic wave design. Also, this mattress has two foldable air chambers on two sides. You can adjust the mattress in your SUV. 

Like all air mattresses for cars, this mattress has separated airbags. However, it has only three airbags, we recommend you match the dimension of the mattress with your SUV space. It is adjustable though when you adjust it takes up some space unlike SAYGOGO or Goplus Air Mattress. The dimension of this mattress is  70.86*50.4*4.7 inches.

This mattress also offers an electric pump, however, it is made out of a pure copper core. This special air pump and only three airbags let the mattress inflate in 90 seconds, quite fast right! 

Berocia SUV Air Mattress is quite sturdy to support you, note that the maximum weight limit is 200kg. Besides all these cool features, this mattress comes with Mattress Air Pump (Car Charger and USB Home Charger), Nozzle set, Repair patches, and Storage bag.


  • Can be used in outdoor
  • Superfast inflating and deflating system- within 90 seconds
  • Ergonomic wave design
  • CE RoHS certified PVC materials


  • Only three air chambers, relatively less customizing option.

PBC Products SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress

PBC Products Air Mattress
PBC Products Air Mattress

Make your long drive more enjoyable and comfortable with the PBC Products SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress. No need to worry about the size of the mattress or your SUV since it is adjustable. 

38UM thick, sturdy PVC material, makes the mattress durable and comfortable. Besides, it takes a load up to 260 kg. Ideal for two people, leave all the chaos behind and go for a long drive with your partner.

This mattress has 8 double lock inflation ports. These double lock ports prevent losing air during long rest or while pumping. Although it has eight inflation ports, it has four inflation segments. Unlike Berocia SUV Air Mattress, you can deflate your mattress to reduce the width and length according to your needs. 

Like almost all air mattresses, this mattress also comes with an electric air pump (DC 12V), storage bag, but no repairing patches. Furthermore, it offers 2 pillows with the mattress. PBC products are confident about the product, hence, they provide 30 days refund facilities if it fails to meet your satisfaction. 


  • Durable yet comfortable mattress
  • Can take loads up to 260 kg, ideal for couples.
  • 4 air chambers, easily customizable.
  • 30 days refund facilities


  • The dimension of the mattress when expanded is not available. 

HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress

HAITRAL Air Mattress
HAITRAL Air Mattress

If you’re alone or if you need an additional air mattress, keep learning about the HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress. A small air mattress with a multi-functional facility. 

Haitral mattress features a unique design among all these air mattresses. This mattress added back seat filler which makes it suitable for almost all SUV, MPV, Saloon car, and most other car models. However, this added portion makes it unusable in the Lengthen Lincolns, trucks, and minibus. 

Besides using this air mattress inside a car, you can use it outdoors as a sofa. Furthermore, since it is a floating mattress, you can use it on a pool. Quite easy to wash. Perfect for those who travel to the beach frequently, you all in one package. 

This mattress has two types of surfaces on two sides. The filler side is for using outdoors as a sofa or floating. On the other side, it is made out of velvety PVC oxford fabric which gives a soft touch. This mattress is comfortable to sleep on until you’re too big. It is not ideal for big people since it is a small mattress, the dimension of this mattress is 35.4x55x17.7(considering filler height) inches (after inflating).

The sealed double valve design keeps the air inside and makes it easy to inflate. To inflate this mattress provides an electric pump, sadly, this pump doesn’t come with a wall adapter along with the car powering system.  


  • Usable in almost all car models.
  • Unique design for using the outdoors as a sofa.
  • The floating feature of this mattress will let you use it on the water.
  • Offers two extra pillows and repair patch kits.


  • Too small for some people.
  • Not usable on a plane surface like a truck.

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress- Thickened and Double-Sided

WEY&FLY Air Mattress
WEY&FLY Air Mattress

Are you looking for a mattress that adapts to various temperature conditions? Why don’t you have a look at the WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress- Thickened and Double-Sided which can adapt the temperature condition that ranges from -25℃ to 50℃ (-13°F to 122°F)?

This mattress fits in almost all SUV models, however, it has foldable edges to adjust in any SUVs. The upgraded design lets the mattress split in 60% or 40%. If two adults want to use it, they inflate the full mattress, or else a single person will inflate either 60% or 40% according to the needs. Speaking of inflation, like a typical air mattress, it also comes with a DC 12V air pump.

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress is made out of 58P PVC material and the thickness is 38UM. This double-sided soft mattress is comfortable while environmentally friendly. It is stable and bears a load up to 260kg. Don’t worry if you’re a big guy, it will bear you.

Although it is adjustable to almost all SUV models, it’s better to check whether a particular mattress fits in your SUV properly. The dimension of the mattress is 76x 51x 4.7x inches.


  • Adapts to different weather conditions, suitable for anywhere anytime.
  • Can take load up to 260kg.
  • Adjustable edges.
  • Thickened polymer surface which is environmentally friendly.


  • No pillows included.

Nifusu SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress

Nifusu Air Mattress
Nifusu Air Mattress

Nifusu SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress is an air mattress that, you may find, resembles others yet you picked it for you. But the question is why? The answer is quite simple, we want you to purchase a mattress that provides all the features you need while you save some dollars.

Well, let’s talk about the design. This mattress consists of 6 air chambers which are foldable in non-inflated condition. Hence it will fit in your SUV, however, the dimension is 68.9 x 51.2 x 3.9 inches. Special two air chambers work as a headboard (makes up 11.8 inches). 

These air chambers are closed by using double-row seam edge technology to prevent leakage. Speaking of which, Nifusu air mattresses are quite resilient to bear up to 500 lbs+. Materials of this mattress are also upgraded that you can use in any weather condition (-13°F to 122°F).

The surface design is also notable for this mattress. Honeycomb design on the surface improves the comfort, why would you leave your comfort at home? The flocking surface enhances the support while making the mattress breathable. 

Remember I said this mattress will save you some dollars? Well, it comes with two air pillows and a back seat filler. When driving, either your kid or your partner feels sleepy, can have good sleep on the back seat- mobile cushion support. Furthermore, it also offers an electric pump which takes 6-8 minutes to inflate the whole mattress.


  • This mattress is suitable for 90% of cars.
  • Best value for money
  • Two pillows and one back seat filler for free
  • Ergonomic comfortable surface


  • Cannot be used on water as a floating 

Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress

Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress
Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress

Do you think inflating and deflating is annoying, also the risk of leakage? Well, you have another option if it fits in your SUV and we are talking about Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress for SUV.

You cannot deflate a part to adjust like an air mattress, hence check the dimension first. The dimension of this tri-folding memory foam mattress is 78x 58x 6 inches and 26x 58x 18 inches when folded. Sounds good? Let’s discover more.

It has two layers of foam namely 4½ inches of medium-firm polyurethane foam and a 1½ inch layer of spongy memory foam. The materials of this mattress are 60% Polyester and 40 % Viscose. The topmost layer gives a perfect balanced sleep while the other layer supports the body.

Overall, you will get a home mattress comfort.  Apart from using it inside the SUV, you can use it for guests and other light use. Simply unfold within a second and fold again to store. For big guys, this mattress will sag if you sleep on it frequently, or else it is supportive.

A fire retardant inside the removable jacquard ultra-soft cover secures you and your car. Since this mattress includes a removable cover, wash it anytime and you can keep it hygiene. Speaking of hygiene, this mattress is good for health and CertiPur-Us certified. It features breathable mesh sides along with a soft bamboo cover for heat regulation.


  • Fold and unfold easily to store and sleep respectively.
  • Breathable cover and mesh side to regulate temperature evenly.
  • Comes with three size variants 
  • Removable cover, easy to wash


  • You will need 26x 58x 18 inches space inside the SUV to store.

Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress

Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress
Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress

Do you want to roam around in camping areas with your memory foam mattress apart from sleeping on it in the SUV? If that’s the case, Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress is here to save the day.

It comes with a storage bag (like a golf bag) where you can store this mattress by rolling it. The bag is 36x 18 inches and weighs 18lbs, however, it has a kid version which is relatively small and lightweight. Once it is unrolled, the dimension becomes 75 x 36 x 3 inches. It should fit in your SUV, shouldn’t it?

Twin size version of the memory foam mattress is quite comfortable in the SUV, at home for guests, and other bed activities. However, this mattress is best for people to weigh up to 230lbs. If you’re a big person check Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress

Well, let’s talk about the materials of this mattress. It features a single layer of foam which consists of cotton and polyester. Since it is a thin mattress, it cannot support large people, nevertheless, it is quite comfortable and healthy for lightweight or average-weight people. It is a CertPur-Us certified mattress, no harmful substances were used, also free from fiberglass. 

This convenient mattress can be used in multi-purpose. Furthermore, it is covered with a removable and machine washable cover, also it is water-resistant- no hassle in cleaning. To guarantee quality, Better Habitat SleepReady comes with 12 months of warranty.


  • Lightweight mattress, great for camping along with sleeping in the SUV.
  • Water-resistant machine washable cover.
  • Fiberglass free CertiPur-Us certified mattress.


  • Very thin mattress, best up to 230 lbs. 

Cozzzi Tri-folding Grey Foam Mattress

Cozzzi Tri-Fold Mattress
Cozzzi Tri-Fold Mattress

If you’re planning to buy a mattress for multi-purpose along with travelling, have a look at Cozzzi Tri-folding Grey Foam Mattress. Not everyone likes sleeping in a SUV and camping stuff. We chose this mattress for you, considering you’re new to camping, so that your investment doesn’t go wrong when you find camping and travelling is not for you. 

This mattress comes in three size variants which are 75 x 25 x 4, 75 x 31 x 4, and 75 x 39 x 4 inches. How much space does your SUV have? As you can see, this mattress is 4-inch thick, hence, it is more supportive. However, the smallest one can bear up to 250lbs.

As mentioned earlier, this mattress has multi functionality such as using as yoga met, playing video games. If you have kids, you’re most likely to receive guests in the name of sleepover when you might need an extra mattress. The smallest mattress is only 25 x 25 x 4 inches when folded that you need a little space for storage. Last but not the least, the biggest mattress features an extra facility that you can use as a sofa.

Cozzzi Tri-folding mattress is made of nylon which means it is stronger and more elastic. This firm mattress will let you rest without having aches on the back and hip. Furthermore, it is covered with a zippered machine washable cover.


  • Lightweight mattress (only 10.2 lbs)- easy to carry.
  • Multi functionality- can be used as a sofa.
  • Zippered cover- easy to clean.
  • Three size variants


  • Best up to 250lbs

Why Buy An SUV Air Mattress?

best mattress for sleeping in suv buying guide
Buying Guide

The air mattresses save money on a road trip, they are quite easy to set up, they come with multi-functionality. Besides, if your kid gets tired, with an air mattress you can turn the back seat into a crib. Let’s find out more about why you should buy an SUV air mattress.

It Saves Money

You have two ways to save money if you purchase an air mattress. First thing first, on a long road trip without booking a pricey hotel you can spend the whole night in your SUV. An air mattress is quite handy in this case since within a few minutes you can turn your SUV into a hotel room.

On the plus side, air mattresses are relatively less expensive compared to memory foam mattresses. Some air mattresses also save dollars by providing air pillows.

Convenient Set-Up System

Setting up an air mattress needs no sweat. All you need is to throw the deflated mattress on the particular place, connect nozzles and connect the pump in the car. You’re done! Within a few minutes, it will be ready for you to sleep. 

Likewise, it is quite hassle-free to deflate and store in a bag. Speaking of storing, air mattresses take comparatively less space in the SUV.

Multi-functionality of Air Mattress

Besides sleeping in the SUV, you can use an air mattress for several conditions. For instance, you can use air mattresses on the water as floating. Get tanned at the pool, float your mattress on the pool and enjoy the sunny day. A mattress that serves this purpose is HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress.

Furthermore, air mattresses that come with added back seat filler can be used as a sofa. How about, your home doesn’t have much space to store a queen mattress but you may receive guests who need to sleep, what’s the solution? Well, besides serving in the SUV, air mattresses can be a lifesaver in this situation.

Note that multi-functionality varies on mattresses. Not all mattresses are usable in the pool nor the back seat.

Kids Rest

Kids, in general, get tired quickly, and sleeping on the seat is not enjoyable at all. Well, some air mattresses come with a back seat filler. With this filler and by inflating 60%/40% of the mattress you will be able to make a crib for your kid. If you have a kid, look for a mattress that offers added filler or extra filler such as Nifusu SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress.

Why Buy A Memory Foam Camping Mattress For SUV?

Well, if you think of roaming with a mattress, you should forget about the air mattress since it cannot be inflated without an electric supply. On the flip side, you can use a memory foam camping mattress anywhere you want such as hiking. For hiking and other adventurous activities, along with sleeping in the SUV, try a mattress like Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress.

For daily or frequent use, besides using for adventure, a memory foam mattress is a good option. For instance, you would like to watch a movie or play a game from the floor, a memory foam mattress is for you. Why is a memory foam mattress better compared to an air mattress in daily use? Because a memory foam mattress provides better support and relieves pressure points. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses are durable, value for money.

Air Mattress Vs Memory Foam Mattress For SUV

In short, if sleeping in the SUV is the priority you can choose an air mattress. On the other hand, if you would like to go for a hike or activities like that besides traveling, you should choose a memory foam mattress since it can be used anywhere. 

We already know why we should choose a particular mattress. Let’s explore the negative sides and compare.


The first thing that comes to mind when we are to purchase a mattress is how long will it last? Everyone knows memory foam mattresses are durable. But memory foam mattresses for camping are thinner, that said, frequent use will cause sagging sooner. 

On the flip side, an air mattress also lasts longer if it’s used with care. These mattresses have a risk of getting leaked, however, that’s not a deal-breaker since all the air mattresses come with a repairing patch.  

Set-up And Cleaning

Both types of mattresses are super easy to set up. The problem arises when you go hiking since the air mattresses cannot be inflated without an electric supply. In this case, the memory foam mattress wins. For instance, a tri-fold mattress for SUV like Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress can be used anywhere.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are prone to become a habitat of dust and mites. Besides these mattresses are difficult to clean, unlike air mattresses. Note that, many foam mattresses are covered with a removable and washable cover which resolves this issue.


The thickness of the mattress matters when you weigh more than average, let’s say more than 200lbs. Most memory foam mattresses which are made for camping and SUVs or other vehicles are thin, unlike home mattresses. These mattresses fail to support and wear out sooner. Besides, memory foam mattresses in the SUV creates uneven surfaces in most cases. A sleeping pad for the back of the SUV may solve these problems such as KingCamp Sleeping Pad.

On the other hand, air mattresses are sturdy i.e., create sturdy surfaces. Most air mattresses can bear more than 500lbs and they create an even surface in the SUVs.

Back Seat

Some air mattresses are specially made for the back seat such as HAITRAL Portable Travel Camping Inflatable Air Mattress. Without question, you can go for an air mattress if you’re looking for a back seat mattress.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Sleeping In SUV?

For the SUV, like all the purchases, you need to consider some particular factors such as the size of the mattress and your SUV, your body weight, your special needs, and money.


There’s no fixed size for vehicle models and mattresses. For this reason, you need to look for a mattress that fits in your SUV. However, air mattresses are adjustable which reduces the worry.


All mattresses have limitations and bearing weight is one of them. Regarding memory foam mattresses, weight is the most concerning issue since these mattresses are thin and wear out faster. On the flip side, air mattresses are sturdy enough to load heavyweight. Some air mattresses can bear more than 600lbs.

Special Needs

  • Adventure/Hiking– apart from going for the long drive, some people prefer to go hiking sometimes and would like to camp in a tent. You can take both types of mattresses on your back yet cannot sleep on each since you cannot inflate anywhere your air mattress. If hiking, or activities like this where you need to take rest on a mattress outside home and SUV, is on your list then you should forget about the air mattress.
  • Using On The Pool/ Less Storage Facility- not all but some air mattresses can be used on the water. Do you like reading books on the water? Air mattress is for you if the answer is positive.

On the other hand, air mattresses take less space when deflated compared to a memory foam mattress.


How do you comfort an SUV to sleep?

First thing first, you need a comfortable mattress that fits in your SUV and provides adequate support to your body. Then to make it comfortable, close the windows, maybe with curtains, and play soothing music. If you’re alone, you can read some books. When you’re with your partner, you make the move. Enjoy a comfortable sleep!

What SUV is best to sleep in?

Well, all the SUVs are being regarded as great for camping and sleeping because of their wide size and other features.

Can you fit a mattress in an SUV?

The answer is, you need to find an adjustable or suitable mattress though. It depends on the mattress size and the space your SUV has. 


We hope we could help you a little bit. But maybe you’re still confused, here’s our best pick for either back seat or full mattress is Nifusu SUV Double-Sided Air Mattress among all the best mattress for sleeping in the SUV. 

Would you like to carry your mattress excluding sleeping in the SUV? You can consider Better Habitat SleepReady Memory Foam Mattress.

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