Why Does Mattress Hurt My Back?- Say Goodbye To Back Pain Today

A common question buzzing around on the internet is, “why does mattress hurt my back?”. An annoying sore back every day in the morning ruins our productive days and leads us to this question. 

Well, maybe, the mattress is not only the reason why you wake up with a sore back. So, let’s figure out whether your mattress is the culprit and what to do regarding this. We know that many questions have been running through your mind lately, let’s find some answers. 

Why Do I Wake Up With A Sore Back?

There are plenty of reasons for waking up with a sore back, such as poor sleeping posture, degenerative disc disease, pregnancy, or other medical conditions. However, if you don’t sleep on an appropriate bed or if you have an old (more than 8-9 years old) mattress, you’re prone to wake up with a sore back every day. 

Before blaming your mattress, we recommend you learn thoroughly why you have back pain in the morning. Here we will discuss a few reasons which are relevant to you now.

Is My Sleeping Posture Hurting My Back?

Do you experience back pain every day or frequently in the morning? Did you know, your sleeping position might be causing this problem. When your sleeping position interrupts proper blood circulation through the spinal cord, you may feel aches in the morning. 

Also, misalignment of the spine due to poor sleeping position causes morning back pain. Are you aware of your sleeping position? 

If you are either a back sleeper or a side sleeper, consider placing a pillow beneath the knees to avoid back pain. A stomach sleeper should place the pillow under the lower abdomen to get proper support. The support from the pillow is crucial. 

Does Mattress Hurt My Back?

Chances are the answer is yes! Are you sleeping on either a too firm mattress or too soft mattress? In most cases, these two firmness levels are the reason behind people having back pain in the morning every day.

Let’s say, you are a stomach sleeper. Most likely your preferred firmness level is medium-firm. But, your new mattress came with a soft firmness level, what happens then when you sleep on it? You SINK! Regardless of the sleeping position, the human body sinks on the too-soft surface. Thus the mattress misaligns your spine and leads to severe pain in the back.

On the flip side, too firm is problematic either. This type of mattress fails to contour around the body. When your body is too curved while sleeping, you are prone to have severe joint pain since the blood circulation might get interrupted.

A hybrid mattress can play a vital role in a back pain sleeper’s life by providing adequate support. Are you looking for a new mattress? Check out Ashley Chime Hybrid Mattress which works better for those who have back pain issues. Also comes at an affordable price.

How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Bad?

Yesterday, you have done everything you do on a daily basis. You didn’t change your diet either. Nevertheless, you went to sleep with a healthy body yet woke up with back pain. Most likely your mattress is hurting you.

It’s hard to pinpoint the reason for back pain since they are many. However, it is a common trouble, nothing to worry about much. Note that pregnant women and old people have different back pain issues. If one of these is your case, consult a physician. 

Your mattress is prone to hurt you when it is more than six-eight years old. You will need to buy a new one then. Check out some memory foam mattresses which relieve pressure points.

How Can I Stop My Mattress From Hurting My Back?

By using mattress toppers or pads, an adjustable bed frame, extra pillows, you might stop your mattress from hurting your back. However, buying an appropriate mattress is the best way to go when the bed hurts your back.

Mattress Pads

A mattress pad is an extra material that enhances the effectiveness of a bed, especially cushion support. In most cases, back pain from the bed occurs due to misalignment of the spine i.e., the lack of conforming ability. 

Well, mattress pads extend the conforming ability which helps the mattress to contour around the body and relieves the pressure points. Hence, if you’re not ready to invest a good amount of money, consider a mattress pad.

Extra Pillows

Don’t you want to invest some money, even on mattress pads? Still, we have got your back. Did you know, you can stop your mattress from hurting you with extra pillows?

We already have mentioned many times how back pain is triggered by the mattress. That said, if you place a pillow (choose firmness considering your body weight) where the bed fails to conform to the body curve, you’re plausible to save yourself.

Let’s say you’re a stomach sleeper, use a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen to relieve some of the stress. Note that, stomach sleepers are prone to have back pain due to the stress on the neck. Likewise, a side sleeper can save herself by placing a pillow between her knees.

New Mattress

How old is your mattress? Is it 6-8 years old? Maybe it’s time you changed your mattress. But, what to consider before buying a mattress to get relief from back pain? 

Depending on your body weight, you’ll need to choose a medium-firm mattress that will curve around your body. Since this feature will reduce pressure points. Besides, it will align the spine properly so that you don’t feel anything in your joints. 

Being a side sleeper or other, you may choose either a soft or a firm bed which is not ideal. Why though? Well, that’s because when you buy a too-soft one your certain body parts may sink regardless of sleeping position. Also, when you buy a too firm one you are likely to be straight which will curve your backbone. What’s the result of these occurrences? Sooner or later your mattress will hurt your back.


How Do I Know That My Mattress Is Hurting My Back Pain?

If you experience soreness in the morning for a few days successively, think about what you have done recently. For instance, did you do any hardcore task or something like this? Did you change your diet? Have you overslept? Are you too old or pregnant? Most likely, your mattress is hurting your back if your answer was no to all of these questions.

How Can I Stop My Mattress From Hurting My Back?

You can do any of the following three things, in general, to stop your mattress from hurting your back.

1. Placing extra pillows on a certain posture depending on your sleeping position.
2. You can add a mattress pad- low budget solution.
3. The last thing you can do is buy a new mattress.


Now you know, “why does mattress hurt my back” but do you think your present mattress will work? Bear in mind that pillows and mattress pads are temporary solutions yet a new mattress is the best way to go. Invest some money, lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Happy sleeping!

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