why does my mattress makes noise

Why Does My Mattress Make Noise [Comprehensive Guide + Solution]

Could you be any more pissed off at night when your bed makes noise?  We both know, noise from the mattress is mostly caused by innerspring. What if the spring of your mattress is alright?

Don’t worry! We will be with you figuring out why does your mattress makes noise.

In this fast and advanced world, at night only we get time for ourselves on the bed. Now, you don’t want your bed to ruin it, do you? We’ll go through every possible problem and solution thoroughly.

First, we’ll figure out what’s making an irritating squeaky sound on the bed then we’ll find a solution. Let’s bring back your happiness!

Why does bed make noise?

Your bed is making unwanted sounds for a certain reason. Since there are a few reasons behind the noise, you got to find out that specific reason first to fix.

Mattress makes popping noise

Apparently, it’s so rare that a mattress is making noise. Because, nowadays, most of the mattresses don’t have springs in it.

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses make noise, typically, when it’s pretty old. Coils inside lose their springiness strength day by day, and interconnection between coils get damaged after long repeated usage; as a result, metal makes propping and squeaky noise.

 Pro tip: all-foam mattresses don’t make annoying sounds. 

Boxspring, the common culprit

Squeaky sound from box springs is a common phenomenon, in fact, they are mostly responsible, thanks to metal springs and wooden manufacture. Two reasons behind the scene here.

  • When a box spring gets old, springs might rub against each other, and that’s when metal makes squeaky sounds. Surface metal connections are also responsible for this trouble. In some cases, woods rub against each other.
  • Box springs materials are connected through industrial staples. After serving for a long time those connections wear out. Joint connections are the greatest culprit in this regard.
 Small tip: rotate the mattress regularly to distribute body pressure all over the box spring evenly. 

Foundation, slats creak

A frequently asked question is, “how to stop bed slats from creaking?”

Foundations are typically constructed using wooden slats. Sleeping repeatedly loosens those slats and clamps, which cause unendurable sound later on. Since those connections are not secured tight, the bed becomes uneven, and thus, it creates squeaky sounds. 

In worst case scenario, slats get weak then creak but it’s easy to repair though, just replace with a new slaats.


The frame is another common culprit regarding bothersome noise. Bolts and nuts of a frame occasionally get loosen by time which results in vexatious noise.  When those nuts and bolts are not set tight, the frame makes disturbing sounds by the fictions of metals.

On the other hand, if your bed frame is constructed with wood then there’s a risk of being affected by the weather. Temperature resizes wooden pieces a little bit which leads to squeaky noise. 

Typically, wooden slats in frame remain unattached so they might rub against the frame.

nice bed

Figuring out the actual culprit and finding peace again!

Now you know what causes today’s trouble. Let’s dive deeper and find out, why does your mattress makes noise?

We will walk through specific checking and solutions for each problem.

Step 1

To figure out the problem, like everything, you need to separate each section of your bed. Well, start with the mattress.

Put your mattress on the floor then gently roll over the mattress or let your children walk over the mattress, if you can hear a noise that means your mattress is the criminal, it’s a rare case though. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses might have this problem when they are old.

However, honestly speaking, your noisy mattress has no home remedy. Some people will suggest you rotate but that doesn’t necessarily solve this problem. Check for warranty, if you are lucky enough, you will find a new mattress from the company or else, I’m afraid, it’s time you replaced your mattress.

If you like firmer mattress and not a fan of bouncy feeling, then we recommend you go for a mattress that doesn’t have metal inside since metal causes the sound problem in a mattress. Yet, if you are still interested in an innerspring mattress with a tight budget then click here.

 Tip: if the mattress is 8-10 years old and has metal inside, then no need for a second thought regardless of buying a new one. 

Step 2

The mattress seems good? OKAY. let’s move on, take your box spring off the bed, and put it on the floor like the mattress. Like the first step lay down on the box spring and listen for noise.

Box spring also has no remedy like a mattress apart from buying a new one. However, you can place plywood underneath the mattress for a makeshift solution. You can also put a towel or clothes on the affected area for a quick remedy.

When noise comes from wood, try adding pads or putting some lubricant oil which will stop rubbing. Still, it’s a quick fix not for a long time though.


As we mentioned earlier, there is no big difference with box spring in this case. Check whether wooden slats are displaced considering temperature hampers their size and also repeated usage.

Small tip: if all fails except the mattress, you can go back to your college days which means mattress on the floor.

Step 3

Step two leaves us to frame and headboard. Go through the frame and headboard wholly. This is where you can fix for good if anything happens, you don’t have to buy a new one yet.

Let’s fix your noisy bed, shall we?

  • The first thing you need to do is tighten up your bed frame’s screw, nuts, or bolts, whatever it has. While you do this, you can add a plastic washer or rubber mallet between bolts and frames to silent the joints suitably.
  • Use lubricant WD-40 spray on each joint that will make the junction smooth and free from friction. It works pretty well on metal frames. If you don’t have access to this spray or anything like this product, you can simply use candle wax to diminish friction or sounds.
  • Put some clothes, such as socks, t-shirts, above the frame to reduce friction between mattress or boxspring and the frame. This erosion may cause annoying noise.
  • Do you have a wooden frame? Well, fill every empty space with corks so that the mattress or boxspring doesn’t rub. Sticking the corks in the gap will let every component set firmly. Check every hook!
  • If wooden slats on the frame rub against the frame then polish some wax on the frame where slats are placed. If you hear the creak then you will have to replace all flimsy slats to get rid of it..
  • The most ignored fact is checking frames’ legs on the floor, especially if it has hardwood legs since woods are called alive as they shrink, they expand by time. Those supports may rub on the floor if they are not set evenly. Fix it by placing something hard underneath the feet, it might be a towel or something.
  • The last thing you can do is replace the frame with a new one provided that the methods mentioned above don’t work out for you.
 Pro tip: as long as every component of the frame is placed firmly and evenly, the frame will behave itself. 

Points to ponder over

When you have a noisy problem in bed don’t take it for granted. Try to fix it ASAP, we don’t mean those quick remedies, they are just temporary solutions.

Squeaky noise means somewhere your bed is uneven which may cause serious health problems. Let’s say, for example, bad back, this will happen when your spine doesn’t align evenly during slumber

A noisy mattress is a saggy mattress that means you are not getting enough support for your deep sleep, which may cause rem sleep. You may encounter sleeping disorders; therefore, telling you again, get rid of it asap for good.


nothing goes without a problem, some of them we ignore; but, sleeping problem? No way! You cannot ignore it, dude.

A noisy mattress won’t let you sleep well nor having amazing sex; yet, they are the most important things in our life. Invest in your bed as much as needed.

Well, fix your trouble and let us know how’d it go. of course through a bunch of questions or recommendations, whatever you like on the comment box, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Happy sleeping!

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